With the advent of the twenty-first century, life has become jet fast. Responsibilities have risen and people are constantly scrambling for time to meet their household responsibilities. The age-old tradition of women maintaining and looking and looking after the household has paved the way for gender equality. Household chores are no longer recognized as feminine roles. This, in turn, has left a question behind in the minds of thousands of us: ‘What measures do we employ to keep the dirt and clutter in our house away?’

Well, to start with, one must realize that there is a sizeable contrast between ‘making’ our house clean and ‘keeping’ our house clean. You need to make sure that you perceive cleaning as an everyday activity and not as a short-term resort to improve the sanctity of your house. Just as we say, ‘Rome was not built in a day’’, to keep the cleanliness levels of your house pretty decent and discard the dirt and clutter to the wastebasket, it’s you will have to take the initiative by bringing into practice the below-listed points in your lifestyle. Whether you are a businessman, single parent, student or a family, these tips will definitely bring in a noticeable change in the dirt levels of your house:-

  1. Do it NOW:

We humans seem to be pretty chilled out and complacent about keeping our house clean. Whenever we come across filth or dirt, we tend to overlook it. It’s time to get yourself a reality check as eventually these small things do matter in the long run. If you happen to see any kind of clutter on the floor or any sort of trash strewn around, arm yourself with a mop or any suitable appliance and clean the area. If you notice your children or other family members scattering their belonging all over the place, do not hesitate in reminding them to put things back in place. Basically, the point is that you must not give in to any kind of procrastination when it comes to the cleanliness of your home.

  1. Fix the root of problems:

It has been noted quite a number of times that the main causes of contamination of the house are improper provision of amenities such as faulty air conditioning, poor roofing which leads to water leakage and spread of bacteria and irregularities in supply of clean water for cleaning and washing purposes. After thorough investigations, a renowned Brisbane Company has found that majority of cleanliness problems in Australian homes were due to inadequacy in the expertise used for roofing purposes. Thus it is very important to fix the root of such problems before employing any other precautionary measures

  1. Involve the whole family:

It is definitely not a secret anymore that ‘Many hands make light work.’ This holds true in the above case also. If you manage to get your family members to realize that as inhabitants of the home, it is their responsibility to contribute to keeping the cleanliness of the house intact, it will certainly make things look much easier. Just imagine if each person of the house caters to his/her responsibility in cleaning his room and getting his stuff in place, how efficient would the process of cleanliness be! The key to achieving a dirt and clutter free house is definitely in involving all the dwellers and assigning them their role.

  1. Regularly dispose your trash:

It is a universal truth that something which is left untended to piles up over time. It is the same case with the trash and waste produced in your house. If you leave the disposal of garbage for the weekend, then you are definitely in for some serious trouble. To avoid facing a mound of kitchen or domestic waste, act now by discarding all this waste on a daily basis. This habit will not only ease the burden off you, but it will also help your house get rid of unwanted trash regularly. So go ahead and make sure that the dustbin of your house does not overflow and you never have to face this menace of waste accumulation.

  1. Say NO to packaged stuff:

It just cannot get more logical than this. More packaged food means more wrappers and boxes; and this in turn means more garbage. If you’re someone whose shopping cart boasts of tons of packaged food items, then you need to change your habits urgently and start consuming organic food which, in addition to minimizing the generation of waste, will also help your diet. Thus, bid a goodbye to packaged stuff to lessen your clutter and ease the process of cleaning in every way.

If you follow these tips religiously, then there is absolutely no doubt that you will succeed in keeping the dirt and clutter away and bring forth positive vibes into your house


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