The Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia are a traveller’s dream. Having been described as paradise, this beautiful archipelago that sits comfortably off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua has many hotels and resorts that would bring any curious adventurer back over and over again just to try out another of the locations on offer.

With everyone finding their own unique experience, the islands boast a humongous variety of activities and pleasures that simply put; cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For any of those curious adventurers, here are the 5 best experiences Raja Ampat resorts have to offer (in no particular order).

1. Island life

The fantastic resorts of Raja Ampat are so close to the beach that you will be able to taste the soft, cool sea breeze first thing in the morning, every morning. Picture waking up to the tropical sounds of wind blowing through native flora while you brew your favourite coffee just to stroll out of your comfy little bungalow to stare at this beautiful beach setting as you sip away and plan the day ahead of you.

Think that sounds like paradise? If so, head over to their site on Trip Adviser and peruse their details!

2. Diving

Have you a passion for diving? You love exploring the depths of the ocean for all the hidden beauty that can’t be found on the surface. If this is true, there must be some curiosity about you and if so; the oceans surrounding Raja Ampat are for you! Because of how clear the water is, you don’t need expensive equipment or lessons to see the wondrous wildlife below the surface. And you could even use mermaid tails for swimming, and a normal set of snorkels to see everything.

Boasting a wonderful seaside setting, the delightful resorts provide guests with the opportunity to go diving with professional instructors. Inviting you to satisfy your curiosity for the ocean, the goal is to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated not only with stories of how relaxing it was, but also how amazing your experience has been and still is.

You are definitely going to be taking a little piece of these islands with you in your heart for years to come. If you want to check them out and possibly book a visit, head over to Trip Adviser and get ready for what will be your favourite holiday yet!

3. Beautiful, Rare Natural Occurrences

Why should you visit? Simple 2 answers: relaxing bungalows on the water and florescent plankton that lights up the sea as if it were a perfect reflexion of the starry sky above. Yes, you read that correctly. Always hearing about these almost legendary florescent plankton, it seems it’s near impossible in your experience to find a place where they flourish. But now you’ve finally found it!

Okay, we know you may not have been expecting or rather ‘searching’ for this explicitly, but you must admit this sparks your intrigue on this location. We will leave you with a link to the website and let you decide: Trip Adviser.

4. Colours That Will Make Your Eyes Water

Have you ever experienced the true beauty of blue oceans, a golden sunrise that spreads its arms across the sky just to embrace the soft, luscious green of the palm trees and flora that shimmers in the cool wind, much like the snow-white sand that seems to roll endlessly just to put on a show for you?

It is as if this picturesque scene was painted just for your eyes. If you haven’t, then it is an absolute MUST that you visit this hidden gem that earth has stored away just for the most appreciative of adventurers.

If you want a truly beautiful experience, waking up and ending your day at this beautiful island setting will have you wishing you could never leave. Head over to Trip Adviser and book now!

5. Affordability

Perhaps you are looking for a cheaper option for somewhere you can simply stay to sleep while you enjoy all the beauty an area has to offer. If this sounds like you, the resorts of Raja Ampat are just for you.

Offering free pick up & drop to airport/ferry, the hotels are perfect for any adventurer seeking to save a few bucks so that they can explore the islands further, carefree and relax further after a comfortable night’s sleep. Head over to Trip Adviser for more details about this island!

Raja Ampat offers more natural beauty than most places on Earth could ever dream of being able to boast. An absolute must see for anyone who truly appreciates tropical beauty, Raja Ampat is the place to visit.

So what are you waiting for? With true beauty like this, there is no excuse not to take a trip and let yourself be taken in by the atmosphere of one of Earth’s most fantastic spectacles.


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