Mattresses today are having cultural moment. With so many models emerging every day, people are finding it difficult to choose the right one for them. However, today, there have been a large number of upstarts that have revitalized the industry with great innovations in delivery, marketing, as well as new mattress technology.

Today, there are great lessons for entrepreneurs, investors, as well as corporate moguls alike. So, this post discusses about the conventional mattress business model and learn this here now about the important takeaways from the mattress industry disruption.

Tech start-ups waking up the sleeping industry!

Right from the data analysis to the innovative wearable, new companies are busy working on the solutions for the sleeping problems of people. A whole new range of the new sleeping applications, devices, and sites are waking up digital health industry. They go much far beyond tracker market.

Therefore, it is of no surprise that the investors today are taking the mattress industry more seriously. Just a quick search on any search engine can offer you over dozens of forward thinking and inventive sleeping products.

Consumers of today are becoming more active and alert in their health care. These days, more people presents real data and discuss about their sleep. It is very much beneficial since today we are actually yearning for it.

The best mattress companies of today are making thin mattress sensor that can track the sleeper’s movements, environment, and snoring and then assess it and provides report along with guidance on the ways to improve their snooze.

Mattress industry disruption – Things to remember

The incumbents must not get too much comfortable and solely rely on scale. While new entrants have literally forced them to enhance their customer terms and product design, there are even many such opportunities for parties to leverage synergies.

Make sure to remain customer obsessed always. Let them influence your product design. Sometimes, the new functionality isn’t internally imagined, but it can be done from empowered user. Some of the reputable and successful firms leverage their customers for their important decisions circling product design as well as strategy.

Most common success factors for mattress upstart

  • Terms of purchase and customer friendly purchase

Mattress start-ups have actually made their mission to make buying painless for their customers starting with narrowing down available product options. When Casper launched, only one mattress was offered and Purple offered two mattresses. They even offered 100-day trial, free delivery, pickup and returns, along with 10 year warranty.

  • Unique marketing ways

Mattress companies are well known for marketing to the millennial successfully through creative campaigns online on social media platform. Moreover, bed-in-a-box format indicates that these customers are even promoting all these products on their social media accounts. They upload videos of un-boxing their mattress and explaining the insights into it.

One of the most effective and successful marketing tactic for Casper was sharing the videos and stories about their customer experiences on social media platform. While advertising on the radio, they didn’t advertise with any radio host unless they themselves slept on Casper.

Casper loves to share personal reactions, referrals, and recommendations. They are in fact most important marketing tools. However, ad campaigns are most of the times backed up by the product’s quality.

The company can compress mattress using compression machine. It allows it to ship mattress in a box that can fit right in trunk of taxi.

Buying online is the best way to purchase a mattress today. It not only benefits both consumer and manufacturer, but also ensures optimal quality.


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