With the farewell of 2021, the results of this year’s marketing strategies have also come. Marketers are aware of the strategies that worked in 2021. They are now working on the digital plan for the coming year.

The digital marketing techniques that worked in 2021 may not work in the coming year. Marketers need to look for ways to engage customers and harness the potential of technological innovations.

It is high time for marketers to pay attention to customers’ tastes and preferences. How their behaviours and patterns have shifted and what are the right ways to engage customers?

Let’s reduce the marketing stress for 2022 by executing these digital marketing techniques to grow our businesses.

Digital Marketing Techniques to unfold

Focus on Video Marketing

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. More than 65% of brands are actively investing in video marketing to gain the maximum share of the market.

Including videos in your marketing campaigns can add fuel to the growth of your business. Instagram and Facebook being the biggest supporter of video content can engage and bring customers to your business.

AI-Powered Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is estimated to reach $15 billion by 2022. Marketers do not mind spending on influencer marketing but are a bit reluctant to do it for AI-powered influencer marketing.

Though it is a great way to humanise your brand.

In the next phase, AI will be found everywhere. From influencer identification to influencer marketing, everything will be performed by virtual influencers. Currently, a few virtual influencers have a huge amount of fan following.

Take Local SEO on board

Focusing on the local market is not a new concept. Digitalization has removed geographical barriers for businesses and customers can buy things from anywhere.

But getting things available in their area delights customers. Google map optimization, Google my business account, providing content for your area and directly adopting local SEO techniques in your marketing campaign can make your geographical promotion fruitful.

Listen to your Customers- Optimize for Voice Search

The market value of voice search will reach $40 billion by 2022. Voice searches have become popular since 2019.

The right time to include voice search in your SEO strategy has come. 55% of users make searches using voice assistants.

To include voice search optimization in your SEO strategy, you have to understand the type of customer you are targeting. You have to focus on conversational keywords and create person-based content.

Get into the customers’ shoes before developing a voice optimization strategy.

Content Marketing

 Content is the king! This statement is not new. Your willingness to outshine your competitors should pump you to offer the best content.

Not taking content marketing seriously in 2022 could affect your business adversely. Develop a content marketing strategy to engage, attract and retain your target audience.

Content Marketing is much more than creating and promoting content. You have to make strategies keeping in mind your target audience, their interests, tastes and preferences.

Tell them what you can offer and what makes you the right choice over your competition. Be unique, creative and engage your customers. For that, you need to have in-depth knowledge of your customers mindset, needs and requirements.

Final Words

The currency of marketing is attention. Brands are hustling to win customer attention by trying different marketing strategies. By including these digital marketing techniques in your marketing campaign, you can remain ahead of your competition.

All you need is a strong marketing strategy to win the game. Which technique do you think can add the most value to the growth of your business?


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