Social media has become the most famous hobby; habit or times pass for everyone nowadays. One will find people of all age groups, background, gender and ethnicity using social media. Social media is a major trend and people are actively using it, this is one platform where one can easily communicate with others, socialize and can reach out to others. Not just this social media comes with many other activities like games, trends, followership, shopping, socializing etc.

People of all age groups are now present on social media and are actively using it. Children of as small as three to four years are using smartphones and above that are using social media as the active user. This huge usage of social media has made parents get concerned about their children’s activities and behaviors. The use of the screen is not considered healthy for children and is thus recommended to decrease the exposure to as much as possible.

The smart world has led to making children sit at home and play online games; this lowers their physical activity and leads to many physical and mental issues. While many are concerned about the negative effects of using social media at the same time there are experts who say that social media is used within limits can provide many benefits to children. As with the advancing technology, children must keep up with the new trends and new learning.

Screen time is still considered as the enemy to teaching, learning, and well-behaving, but now experts say that social media can actually help in developing good habits, it be used as a device for learning new things. Internet and social media are considered as a medium of visual learning. Experts argue that with the advancement in technology it is very important that the ways of learning shall also be upgraded from conventional learning.

The other thing that matters for the benefit of social media marketing to a business is the type of industry of that business. There are some categories of the industries for which the social media marketing provides huge benefit and those are, fashion, entertainment, and real estate. But again, it doesn’t mean that all the businesses based on these industries will be successful.

So the suitability of social media to our requirements is based completely on the tools and tactics that are being used by the businesses. It’s not that the tools that grant success to one business will be beneficial for the other business. The positive outcomes of the social media marketing are based on how we use it, on the strategies we make and on the formulas and solutions we implement to get the desired output.

It has also been found that children who spend more time on social media are friendlier and like to socialize more with Followers On instagram which can be obtain from any trusted source, i.e buy Instagram followers is a search term to use. As they can use social media for messaging, live chatting, video chatting, etc. a study called the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study was performed on 4500 young people, this was the project of the national institute of health and it was launched in 2015, it was based on how the brain of young people develops and how are they able to navigate with adolescence on a journey to become an adult.

The effect of screen time was also observed in this study, in this study parents reported the screen time on weekends and weekdays, of their respective children. Here note also screen time only when kept within limits can give birth to many different benefits. On the other hand with limited screen time children also reported about their time being spent on physical activities and how they both together affect their lifestyle, sleeping pattern, with this parents kept special attention on their kids overall aggressive and normal behavior. It was found that Internet is used for the right purpose with right guidance can give many different benefits.



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