When you were little, you might have been one of the lucky ones, who got to go on fishing trips with your dad, your uncle, grandpa or someone else special to you. And if you were, you’ve probably¬† found out that some really great and long lasting experiences can come of it. Fishing is something entirely for itself, and with the focus being on smartphones and the internet these days, something is to be said for retreating into the wilderness and reconnecting with nature. It’s not always easy to keep up with the modern everyday life, and fishing is proven as a great stress reliever, not to mention a healthy hobby that the entire family can partake in. Fishing is an almost therapeutic way of relaxing, and teaching children to take it slow and forget about the virtual world, is something that more and more parents are beginning to take seriously. Before you embark on a fishing trip, you will however require some fishing gear, and although you might have a reel and a rod lying somewhere in the basement, it might also be time for some new fishing gear.

Where to fish with the family

Now that you’ve gotten yourself and your family equipped with some decent gear and equipment, it’s time to figure out where and what you want to fish for. There’s fishing in small lakes, big lakes, rivers and waterholes, and then there’s fishing in the ocean. Today we’re going to talk about in-shore fishing in the Charleston channels around the islands, and use that as an example you can extrapolate into your own local coastal area. Our tips from today comes from Fishing Charters Charleston SC, that specialize in saltwater fishing, regularly catching such prized specimens as¬†Reddrum, Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, and Sheepshead to mention just a few.

Inshore fishing

One of the most exciting ways to fish is by way of inshore fishing, as the size of the fish compared to the difficulty of finding them are among the best rates in the country according to many hobbyists. Inshore fishing has grown in popularity over the years, as fishermen young and old, experienced or green, can catch some truly marvellous fish within spitting distance of the coast. The benefit of inshore fishing is that you get the bio and size diversity that the ocean has to offer, while at the same time being close enough to land that there’s no real danger involved, even for young children. Most fishing charters also have a great route planned, where you get to enjoy the wildlife and majestic nature unfold itself while you leave the shore and head out to catch your prey.

Most of the charter companies around South Carolina include in their offers a complete package, with bait, tackle and sometimes even rods and reels, and the important piece of paper that functions as a fishing license. It may be, that back when your father took you out to fish no licenses were needed, but that time has long passed, and today by booking a chartered fishing cruise, you also help invest some of the money back into the economy of fisheries and preservation for the many species that live in our ocean. And with today’s focus on environmentalism, what could be a greater experience for your children than to get out on the water and find out for themselves!


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