Beautiful skin doesn’t always come naturally. People often take the time to visit the gym for their bodies or the hairdresser for their hair, but neglect their skin.

By having regular facials your skin will be more youthful and less prone to damage and breakouts. If you have never had a facial, here are the basics. When you are ready you can book an appointment with a Sydney facial spa, and get started on your journey for a clearer complexion.

How does a facial work?

When you book in for a facial, you will often be given a few different alternatives. Mini facials are often shorter and cheaper than a full treatment and will still leave your skin glowing.

The structure of your facial may vary slightly depending on the company you choose. If possible, try to remove any makeup before your visit, but if this isn’t possible your beauty therapist can do this for you. You should expect to be given any, or all of the following:

  • Facial massage
  • Steam treatment
  • Exfoliation
  • Face mask
  • Extraction
  • Moisturiser

Steam is used to soften your skin and open up your pores. If you have sensitive skin this step may be skipped. The facial massage is not only relaxing but it helps to boost the skin’s circulation.

Exfoliation is used to remove dead skin cells and gives your face a deep cleanse. This is often followed by a face mask which will be chosen to suit your specific skin needs. If you require pimple extraction, ask for this service as part of your facial. You should never do this yourself as you do not want to risk any unsightly scarring.

The final step of the treatment is a moisturizer, this could be a cream or an oil. Your skin should feel hydrated and less damaged after your facial.

What questions should they ask you?

Before having any type of beauty treatment, you should have a consultation where any important information is recorded. Think about your specific skin concerns, for example you may have an oily t-zone, rosacea or persistently dry cheeks. Being able to pinpoint your skin type will ensure the service is targeted to your concerns.

If you are on any medications including the contraceptive pill, acne medicine or herbal remedies, you will need to alert your beauty therapist. Often these types of medications can cause sensitivity which may result in a reaction with certain treatments or products. If you are pregnant, there will be specific ingredients which you will need to avoid, so please alert the salon of this prior to your appointment.

What are the side effects?

When you have your first facial, you may experience some redness. Unfortunately, you may even experience a break out due to the toxins coming to the surface. This is only temporary, and with regular visits your skin will adapt to the new routine.

How often should you get a facial?

Having facials should be a long term commitment and will help your skin look its best throughout your life time. If possible, aim for once a month as this is how long your skin takes to rejuvenate. This is a general rule and oily skin may need more frequent visits, while dryer skin types can stretch this out a bit further.

At the very least you should try to have a professional facial seasonally, as the weather changes can play havoc on your skin. If you have a big event coming up such as a wedding, plan your facial at least a week before. Your skin needs time to settle and if you do experience a minor breakout it will have time to clear.

What should you do at home?

Having a monthly facial is a positive step in changing or maintaining the appearance of your skin, but you do need to continue this process at home. You should be caring for your skin every morning and night, and your Sydney facial spa specialist will be able to recommend you an at home regime.

This skin care regime should complement your regular facials, and often it is worth investing in premium products to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Always remove any makeup before bed and wear sunscreen when venturing outdoors.

If your skin is damaged or you are prone to acne, you may prefer a treatment which is more intensive such as microdermabrasion. A facial is a good start and it will allow you to assess your local salon with minimal risk.


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