There’s no avoiding the ups and downs that come with running a business. Any entrepreneur with an ability for foresight would say the same, especially from anticipating their own business’ share of difficult times. While the current global climate is forcing retail activity to a standstill in once bustling metropolitan areas around the world, plenty of business owners have chosen to look to the many opportunities that present during a time that most are calling a global health crisis. Despite warnings by authorities to stay at home and maintain social distancing practices, consumer activity has intensified in other areas instead, even with retail activity presenting record lows.

While dwindling retail activity has contributed in large part to declining commercial activity, plenty of customers have taken their business online. Businesses of all kinds have likewise adapted, especially with the example of restaurants converting their operations into a take-out only service, and brick and mortar stores shutting their retail spaces if only to commit their efforts towards their online stores. Believe what you’d like, but the old adage rings especially true when it comes to these businesses finding the will to grow through what is otherwise a global pandemic.

Regardless of what your business provides, there are plenty of opportunities to consider when it comes to navigating a challenging global economic climate. Even with supply disruptions to consider, there is growth to be found in different areas of your operations. It may be true that profitability is what counts the most when it comes to running a business. However, positive growth is something that can be measured in other less tangible areas, such as your audience reach, and brand’s overall influence within a market segment. If you’re canvasing the web for ideas to grow your business during the pandemic – read on to hear what we’d recommend.

Situations change, needs stay the same

Your customers are being told to stay at home. Many of them are on the fence when it comes to their job security. Few among them, worse still, are recently contending with a loss of income from being in industries that have borne the brunt of negative economic impact caused by the rapidly unfolding pandemic. It’s only natural to anticipate difficult times, especially when your customers are less able to afford your products and services. However, it helps to remember that needs will remain, even with a change in situation.

Even if they are less inclined to leave their homes, it doesn’t mean that they have less of a need to obtain goods and services. Take the restaurant and food delivery industry for example. While restaurants have mostly switched to operating in a take-away only mode, demand for food delivery services has seen a sharp increase while most diners are now unable to dine-in at their favourite haunts. With most of your customers encouraged to isolate themselves while staying at home, are there any common needs among them that your business is able to cater to? This might be the best time for you to consider a method of online delivery if you aren’t already providing this to your customers.

Information is always helpful

Speaking of customer needs, it’s almost a certainty to expect that your customers are facing a strong need for information and entertainment along with their craving for their favourite food. It’s said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so have a think about what else you may be able to anticipate of your customers’ needs, especially while they face this time of uncertainty during isolation. Like you, they are most likely keeping their ears peeled for any updates by authorities regarding the development of the global pandemic. Despite this need for information being met mostly by media headlines and the government, there remain other aspects of a person’s life that your customers may be left wanting to figure out.

What do they do now that they’ve been instructed to spend all their time at home? Is it time they tried out a new hobby, or is there any information that you could share to help them make better sense of their situation? Believe it or not, but your customers will be looking to their favourite brands to learn how else they’ll be able to live productive lives while in isolation. So share your take on the matter with your audiences. People love a bit of solidarity, and you never know how a well-timed and well-meant message may mean a lot to customers who are looking to make some sense of things while cooped up in isolation at home.

Your reason is as good as any other

Convenience will always remain among the top reasons for a person to pick a product or service over the competition. When it comes to opportunities to grow your reach during a pandemic, anticipating your customers’ needs is just the first step. Providing sign-up incentives and rewarding return purchases are just some of the most effective methods you can consider to grow traffic to your business while plenty of your customers are browsing now more than ever. Just because they’re less inclined to leave their homes to visit a store, doesn’t mean they are less interested in making purchases online. Give them a reason to browse your catalogue for that next great deal today.

People trust brands, not just goods and services

Customers will look to your brand to get a better idea of how the world around them may be changing. Besides promoting your products and services, your online presence can be used to communicate useful information, and build brand trust among your audiences. Think outside the box when it comes to communicating reassurance to your customers during the pandemic. Is there relatable content your brand could be sharing, to make light of the common situation or inconvenience faced by the majority? You never know when a meme shared in good taste could win you greater favourability among potential buyers down the road.


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