The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) has been designed to simply, focus and expand the services available to Australian with disabilities. These services are provided to help disabled Australians overcome their difficulties and achieve the highest potential in their lives.

The top services covered by the scheme in Australia include many different forms of NDIS therapy that is useful in varying but important areas to disabled Australians.

The following will discuss some of the most required services that the insurance scheme aims to make more available.


Housing, accommodation and just shelter in general are essentials for everyone’s lives. Understandably, the need for shelter is even more important for some Australians who need assistance.

It’s unfortunate that the availability of appropriate accommodation that can adequately provide for the needs of disabled people is not as available as is ideal.

In some areas, specialist accommodation can be unavailable or non-existent. The instigation of the NDIS has aimed to encourage local and State authorities to create broader housing opportunities, especially with the needs of disabled Australians in mind.

Since the insurance scheme operates as a outcomes-focus funding system, there is a great opportunity for accommodation providers to listen to the needs of disabled Australians and service this growing demand.


Physio is a NDIS therapy that is in high demand for obvious reasons. As a health service that seeks to help improve the mobility of people it is highly sought after by disabled Australians who want greater independence.

Designed to reduce pain, immobility, repair injuries and improve the quality of a patient’s life, it’s clear why physio is needed by a great deal of Australians who are otherwise suffering. As physio does not just treat problem but promotes activities to prevent them reappearing, there is a great deal of ongoing benefits to be achieved by its widespread implementation.

Physiotherapists are the most commonly referred to allied health specialists by doctors, reflecting the need for their services by so many Australians.

Mental Health

Services relating to mental health such as psychiatry and psychology are in increasing demand as stigmas around mental health are weakened in recent years. Because of this, more and more Australians have realised they can benefit from mental health services, especially since the introduction of the NDIS.

The stigmas around mental health have even had their affect in the design of the insurance scheme itself. In trials, Australians who had listed mental health as their primary disability faced higher chances of rejection than Australians with physical disabilities.

Despite many unhelpful and stigmatic attitudes towards the need for mental health services, the need is there regardless. As more Australians accept the realities of mental health issues, the greater access to professional help will be required.

Plan Management

The insurance scheme has a lot of ways in which it can assist people with the bureaucracy of the health system. The management of payments, receipts and budgets can be tough, especially for certain categories of disabled people.

As part of someone’s NDIS plan, they can request a plan manager who is a specialist at keeping the books up to date. This service allows disabled people to get on with accessing their supports and spend less time worrying about the technical aspects of their care.

Occupational Therapy

While often mistaken as therapy focused on getting back into the workplace, it is only one part of occupational therapy. The primary goal of this service is to help disabled people thrive in their everyday lives.

It is also useful in helping families and carers facilitate better environments for disabled people to purse their occupations in. As this service helps enable the best outcomes for disabled people there is a clear need for its implementation under the disability services Australia.

These services are all incredibly important parts of the way the Australian health system can better benefit disabled people under the NDIS. These forms of NDIS therapy Sydney have the ability to change many lives, enabling those people to better interact with Australian society.


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