Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance? They Owe You!

In theory PPI (also marketed as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover or ASU for short) is designed to maintain repayments on borrowings following certain events, as implied by the product description:

  • Premiums often exceed interest by over 200%.
  • 1 in 4 claims are rejected without payment.
  • You cannot be forced to buy PPI on a loan.

UK PPI Miss Selling Information

UK Personal Protection Insurance (PPI) policies do not cover the self-employed or short-term contractors. It is important to read the small print before proceeding to purchase the policy. Insurance cover sold to a self-employed person or to a short-term contractor is usually a mis-sold payment protection insurance policy justifying a lawyer to take legal action. Our mortgage repossession solicitors deal with all financial claims including PPI compensation.

It is now a well-known fact that as many as 9 out of 10 of the biggest lending institutions include the cost of PPI/ASU in their repayment quotations. Some lenders may add the full cost of the insurance to the loan up front, rather than charging it monthly thereby accruing additional unfair interest. If this has happened to you its to your advantage to discuss the matter with a PPI compensation claim solicitor.

As long ago as 2000/2001, one major high street lender made over £250 Million (equivalent to 10% of its world-wide profits), enjoying a 70% profit margin on the price paid by its customers totalling over £350 Million.

In September 2005, Citizens Advice Bureau commenced a `super complaint’ to the Office of Fair Trading, calling on them to launch an investigation into the mis-sold payment protection insurance scandal, whereby an estimated 20 million PPI policies are in force, which produce annual revenue in excess of £5 billion, many of which may have been mis-sold.

Nearly all sectors of the consumer credit market from mortgage lenders and hire purchase companies to major high street banks and credit card companies enjoy the spoils. The pursuit of profitability comes at a price to the consumer when PPI may often increase the cost of borrowing by around 9% a year.

Borrowers are often sold completely inappropriate policies when they take out credit agreements. In many cases, pressurised selling practices and inertia selling are used to ensure people purchase policies which they neither want nor need nor benefit from. A PPI compensation claim solicitor will be able to advise you about your legal rights.

Even when consumers do make a successful claim, the amounts paid out do not ensure they remain debt-free; some paying out for only a year and then only in respect of minimum payments. This is a problem for vulnerable consumers, who are also at greatest risk of encountering financial difficulties.

Most consumers rarely understand the products and aside from mortgage protection, these policies represent poor value. Often, they proceeded at the insistence of their (often unscrupulous) lender.

If you are one of these unfortunate people who were mis-sold payment protection insurance, you may be entitled to damages and you should contact our mortgage repossession solicitors now. You only have one opportunity to make a claim and if you get it wrong you may lose your chance to claim compensation forever.

Financial Claim Lawyers

Why not get expert support to greatly improve your chances of securing the maximum compensation you deserve using our no-win no fee service?  Our UK mortgage repossession solicitors call upon experienced lawyers, accountants and actuaries to assist our claims team and our lawyers can advise at an early stage on the prospects of recovery of damages. If you would like free advice on our no win no fee compensation scheme just complete and send the contact form or call the helpline and an experienced financial claims solicitor will discuss your potential claim at no cost and with no further obligation.finan


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