There are thousands of online platforms to sell your products online however it is nearly impossible for one who hasn’t acquired the necessary skills to create such a handicraft. So, it is necessary that the seller has the relative skills to design something that can attract people through which they can easily sell their products and offering on multiple platforms.

Take a look at this post that can help the seller to learn more regarding ideation, altering handicrafts, to determine the prices and to use the online platforms in order to sell products effectively.

Free online selling Platforms enable the businesses to test the potential of product:

Realizing the right platform make you analyze the market better, and enable you to easily spot the potential customers without spending a Dime. Besides these huge platforms gives you the opportunity to test your product or service value and potential and you don’t have to worry about a specific office for your business.

There are several people who cook, stitch, knit sweaters, carpets, scarves, and other such beautiful things and due to lack of sources, they have to sell it to the bigger giants of industry in cheaper rates. But now they can sell their products themselves online and can get better profit.

How can we get creative ideas for handicrafts?

Culture is a great thing, cultural handicrafts have always been in fashion and aspiration of people. Many people have this craze of collecting handicrafts and things of different cultures. Well, YouTube can help you in this regard and can give you many creative ideas to transform a simple art into more attractive one. You can find various ideas by simply searching on YouTube which will provide you with a large list of handicrafts.

Running Your Own Website

Perhaps what can relatively establish you as an entrepreneur on the virtual plane is having your own website. WordPress offers remarkable themes and features to easily configure your website according to your signature colors and backdrops. You can easily setup an online store and start ahead of the competition in no time.

Small prices sell more:

We all are always attracted towards the quality products with low price. Little price always attracts more sales. A reasonably priced quality product creates good word of mouth for your product and word of mouth is considered to be the most effective marketing. Being newbie you should analyze the total cost of your product and have to sell it at a reasonable profit. Try to choose products which are affordable to purchase, the ratio of people are higher who choose affordable products.

Effective Platforms to sell your products on:

Before posting your products on these online shopping platforms make sure that a complete description must be added with proper tagging which will make your product searchable, so people can find them easily. You can also mention precautions in order to avoid causing harm to the product. It is necessary to add high-resolution pictures of your products as it is a fact that people take more attention to what they see clearly in online stores.

1.      eBay:

eBay is the biggest B2c and also C2C e-commerce sales platform. Here a customer can directly approach a customer also. And many established and startup businesses sell their products here. If you have anything that you think is handy and you can make a great profit from it, then you should definitely try eBay for it.

2.      Amazon:

We all know about Amazon and know that how big is this platform and how widely spread it is. It is a business to customer (B2C) e-commerce platform. Major and minor established companies are selling their product on Amazon. Amazon being the giant of e-commerce platform also provide you the service to sell your handmade products online. Visit this link to get yourself registered

3.      Artfire:

Artfire is a platform for people who are good at making jewelry, accessories, clothing, home living etc. It provides a free platform to sell your products online, and expose your product to a bigger market.

4.      Etsy:

Etsy is a bit like eBay but is more focused on handmade and vintage products. It gives a great opportunity to float your products to the international market.

5.      Shopify:

Shopify let you create your own e-store online and provide you with beautiful interfaces and hundreds of themes to use. This Canadian based e-commerce company provides you a great platform to interact with the international market and create awareness about your product.

6.      Depop:

Depop is a creative and goes to a mobile marketplace where you can sell your product. This London based peer to peer shopping app lets you sell and buy unique things. You come across different and innovative ideas on this platform which broadens your exposure to the market.

Better create Deals:

People are greatly tempted by things, getting something free with. Better learn to create good deals to sell your product. It is a marketing tactic and helps you get the attention of the potential customers.

Most of the major brands provide offers as well as discounts to create a goodwill among the customers. Offer discounts on the bundle in order to increase sales ratio & hence the profit will increase as well.

There are several websites which promote your deals online and it gives you better opportunity to advertise your product.

If you have got a skill and want to utilize it to make livelihood than you can easily market and sell your product on these international platforms.

Nathan John

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