Today we’re going to take a look at 22c, an online store offering high quality wall art for all areas of your house, from the living room to the hallway. Having previously had hosting and webdesigners take care of everything on the administrative end of the website, the owners soon turned to WordPress, for easy customization and access to all aspects of the site.

Being a WordPress theme blog, it should come to no surprise of any of our readers as to why 22 collectiv chose a theme made by a developer, rather than have a custom design made from scratch. While there are benefits with each possibility, for the frugal, it can often be worth taking the time to ensure no free theme already fulfills the needs.

In the case of a website selling art for your living room walls, this art (ie. the WordPress featured and associated images) would have to be the centerpiece of the website. If you take a look at their site, that works wonders for visitors, immediately being drawn to the visuals of the products, as opposed to the visual of the website itself.

Often people choose the wrong themes when choosing themselves, especially so with store owners. Take a look at this one piece from 22c’s art gallery:

This is actually a screenshot of the product page. Note how there are no distracting visuals to lure the potential customer away from the main goal of the site. Often times, store owners will tend to look at the most fancy and graphical themes, seeing as they are the ones with the most action going on, completely missing the fact that the action should come from your product images, not the website itself.

The website manages to appear professional with a minimal impact on the visuals. Highly appraisable!

But don’t just take my word for it. There are plenty of real life examples of large webstores that have the budget to go over-the-top, but choose not to. Look at ASOS for instance:

This brings us back to the wall art in particular as a product. Imagine that you are a potential customer on this website:

When you are shopping for art online, it helps having white space to let the imagination take you away from the digital, and perhaps see in your mind’s eye the art hanging on a white wall, as they are portrayed on the website.

Instead of seeing various newsletter sign up forms and other lesser information, we see only the important images, the titles of the wall art, and the price. All the information a customer needs to make a decision.

Hopefully we can conclude that there are certain stores that benefit from less.


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