Website designing is the primary thing that has to be done when you are launching your business to the world online. Your website is the first thing that gives insight into your products and services to your customers and visitors. So, you need to be very careful while designing your website.

Pick the right platform

There are certain platforms on which you can build your website such as WordPress, Shopify, Zen Cart, Volusion, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. You need to ascertain your particular needs and requirements and decide on which platform you want to build your website to as all of these have their own features, themes, and plugins.

Understand your customers

The first thing for you to do is to understand your customers. You need to design your website based on their choices and preferences. You need to be very careful as designers often make the mistake of thinking that if they like it, their users will also like it as this is not always the case. You should be careful in every minor detail you put on your website, even the color of the theme you choose.

Gather Data

You need to rely on data and not on your instincts while designing your website. You can opt for certain experiments like usability testing that would tell you the behavior of all your customers relying on which you can customize your website accordingly. This will differentiate you from good designers working out there and would excel you over them as you would be able to create a niche website to make your customers more than happy.

Easy Navigation

You should adhere to create a website that is interactive and intuitive. If your website is hard for your customers to understand, they will more likely bounce back in no time and all your efforts may cost you a lot in terms of time and money you utilize for creating that website. So, make sure you allow your customers’ easy navigation with prominent call-to-action buttons.


You need to strategize the way you would like to display your company information to your audience. If you have a large pool of data to showcase, you need to ensure that it is presented in such a manner that the user can easily connect to it. It should not be in a scattered manner as human memory tends to forget things, so display information that they remember for a particularly long duration of time.


Although few changes are always required to keep the website interesting as well as for updating information, you should be consistent with your designs. If you change your themes often, it will take much of users’ time each time he/she visits your website. And, we all know very well that users don’t like that at all. So, keep your interface consistent so that the user knows even before entering your website that how he will be using your website, thus, giving them a great user experience.


You should communicate with your users regularly. This will help you know your customers better and your customers will also be able to clear their doubts instantly. You can communicate with them through contact forms, live chat options or social media. If you keep on engaging with your customers, you would be able to leave your competitors behind easily by attaining loyal customers.

Search Engine Optimization

To reach your audience through your website, it needs to be placed on top of Search Engine Result Pages. For this purpose, you have to comply with certain Google guidelines plus lots of back-end work is required.

To help you understand what you should do while designing your website to comply to both the Google guidelines as well as to attaining happy customers, following are certain traits that would help you get both of your website objectives:


With the help of above techniques and tips, you can get yourself a great website that fulfills all your requirements. All best web design companies make sure their client’s website has all the above.


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