GoDaddy is one of the best known and largest web hosting provider. They offer a wide variety of reliable web hosting services thanks to their dependable uptime, Windows and Linux based servers, exceptional customer service, and various other features.

As one of the oldest domain registrars in the market, GoDaddy boasts more than 63 million domain names which are currently registered. GoDaddy is the ideal choice especially for new website owners who want to register a domain name cheaply, sign up for quality web hosting, and build websites all in a single integrated platform. GoDaddy also offers a platform for the advanced web developers to put their expert skills to good use.

GoDaddy Hosting Coupons

Most of the top web hosting companies have great offers all throughout the year, especially for first time customers. It is good practice to always search for a coupon code before you buying a hosting service. That said, it’s important to note that GoDaddy hosting coupons are very popular online, and can be used to get discounts on their various hosting services. The coupons will enable you to acquire GoDaddy hosting services at a lower price, than you’d otherwise have paid. You will end up paying half of the original price. With a GoDaddy coupon you will not only obtain immediate savings on domain names and site purchases, but you’re also assured of high quality services and products.

Here are some of the GoDaddy Coupon Codes;

  • The coupon cjcgnc30 will save you 30% on new product purchases.
  • The coupon cjcgnc99 will enable you to get a new .com domain for .99 cents.
  • The coupon cjcgncfree will give you a one month Free trial of GoDaddy site builder.

To receive the discount, you simply need to enter the coupon code when you check out.


Easy to Use

GoDaddy wesite editor is simple to understand, and has an intuitive user interface which allows even the beginners to start using it right out of the box without being overwhelmed. All of their tools are drag and drop (like inserting images, contact forms and slideshows), which means you can place the items anywhere on your site. In addition to this, the GoDaddy’s beginner friendly site builder offers a step by step tutorial on how to set up and fine tune your site. Whether you are making a photo gallery or adding a button, GoDaddy has a simple-to-follow guide for that.

Top of the Line Technology

Web hosting involves lots of technicalities hence there’s so much which depends on the type of technology being used. To the benefit of clients, GoDaddy company utilizes some of the latest and most advanced technology to carry out their web hosting services. The web hosting is done using 4GH Linux which is among the best in the industry. They also use high end servers with better configuration which ensures better speed and performance of your sites.

Wide Variety of Hosting Solutions

One great thing about GoDaddy hosting is that it offers users the flexibility they need at any point of their journey. For example, you can begin with shared hosting option, and then later on switch (by paying just a little more) for more flexibility via dedicated hosting. There’s also an option of cloud hosting that’s much cheaper, but offers reasonable flexibility. In addition to this, the company offers a reseller hosting option, and this is a great thing for those who’d like to start a web hosting busines; with GoDaddy, your options are plenty and you can be assured to find the ideal hosting plan which suits your particular needs.

Design Flexibility

GoDaddy offers a wide variety of site templates to use, including templates which are optimized for smartphones and mobile devices. They provide over 300 professional looking themes which are predesigned with content, making it easy for you to build your website. All you have to do is replace the already provided generic content with your own customized details. You can also adjust the appearance and layout of different buttons which are provided with each of the themes.

Quality Customer Support

GoDaddy hosting is known to have among the best customer support team in the industry. If you happen to get stuck at any point, you can contact their technical experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their customer service support is quick to react, efficient, courteous and polite. They have several methods of providing the customer support; you can use the online chat feature, submit queries via email, or you can simply call in. GoDaddy usually responds to email queries in less than 24 hours.

Affordable Deals

GoDaddy offers some of the best packages at a very affordable price. As a matter of fact, GoDaddy is considered to be quie low cost as compared to many other hosting service providers, especially given the level of quality and professionalism GoDaddy is associated with. Most of the packages they offer are available on monthly subscription basis with charges which are as low as $3.49 a month. The monthly packages will ensure you enjoy top class services at a very reasonable price. On top of that, there are lots of Godaddy coupons which are available online, which means you can get yourself a better deal by utilizing them.


GoDaddy always try their best to stay ahead of the pack. As such, they have a state of the art data center that works round the clock to ensure users enjoy a 99.9% uptime. This means that when you choose GoDaddy, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your site will always be visible to the world at any given time of day.


Nowadays, protecting your data, and the data of your clients is very crucial which is one of the reasons why Godaddy spent huge sums of money implementing the most efficient online security. If you decide to host your site with GoDaddy, you can be rest assured that your website will be in safe and capable hands.

Offers Quality WordPress Auto Install

GoDaddy has a serious focus on WordPress which includes; one click installs, dedicated servers, and highly trained support staff. They have made the process of installing WordPress very easy which is particularly ideal for beginners.


Although GoDaddy is well known for its’ discount coupons which are available online, some users consider the coupon offer to be too limited and they feel that a bigger number of discount coupons would be of great help.

  • People who want to start out small, might consider the cost of the GoDaddy packages to be a bit high.
  • Godaddy has a custom cpanel that is a little different than the usualy cpanel you find in most other hosts. I find it very intuitive and easy to use, however, others may prefer the usual cpanel.

So, if you are wondering what to consider when evaluating Godaddy as you hosting solution, keep in mind the above pros and cons.


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