When you think about cigars, you often think about the color, the smell, how it tastes, and so on. But more importantly you should consider the topic of types, production methods and countries of origin. Still, for a beginner, the most important question is: “What is a cigar?” and going into too much detail on the various aspects of the finer appreciation of a cigar would be out of the scope of this guide. Here is a brief introduction to the cigar and how it came to be.

How The Cigar Is Made

To make a cigar, you have to use inlays, leaves and wrapping leaves. The wrapping leaves are the outermost leaves that, so to speak, “encapsulate the cigar,” and it is often brown in color. Traditionally, they are the most expensive constituent of the cigar, because a good wrapper is grown in mor expensive ways than the rest of the tobacco leaves, and the cultivation itself has an expense added, since the final wrapping leaves must present the cigar as well as possible, in terms of fragrance, suppleness and appearance. From avo cigars to dominican cigars, the choice is plentiful, so read on to learn the subtle but important differences!

They are therefore often ripened longer, and the selection process is more stringent compared to the magazines and inlay. All of this helps to squeeze the price of the good tire blades. The good wrapper has a pleasant but subdued scent, no or few visible veins and that it is not unnecessarily oiled.

In addition to the physical appearance and the individual components of the cigar, it is of course also a series of historical and cultural associations which have helped to define its role in society and whatever importance some cultures around the world still attach to it today.

Choosing A Cigar

The novice smoker may be tempted to start with a machine-rolled cheap cigars sold in grocery stores and kiosks. Will, however, recommend that you spend a little more money and buy a decent cigar at a real cigar dealer who can also guide you in the bargain. You are also sure that the cigar has been properly stored in a humidore. This will give you a much better experience.

When you start out smoking cigars, a tip is to try out the different extremes, from the most flavourful to the more subtle ones, try the entire range of the spectrum. This will help you to find out which flavor you are in. Whether you like the feel of the hand-rolled Camacho cigars, or whether you like a Partagas with a glass of whiskey, it can be advantageous to try out a few different types, as the difference can be subtle but worth it for each brand.

Start by buying testing out the range of mild cigars. This will without a doubt ease your way as a new cigar smoker. A strong and or rich cigar can be overwhelming and even uncomfortable for new cigar smokers. The main rule is that Cuban cigars are strong and the Dominicans are mild. But it is possible to get mild Cuban cigars as well of course.


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