Based in Los Angeles, CareGatto brings a breath of fresh air to an industry that hasn’t gone through much change in decades, the greeting card industry. In today’s digital world, sadly it has become more difficult than ever to stay connected to our loved ones in a tangible sense. We are often so busy staying connected to our smart devices that we abandon the real people in our lives and are disconnected from our fellow humans.  Human contact is crucial for our survival and plays a big role in our psyche.

We have a ton of Facebook friends, but how about real-life friends? Do we go out of our way to make the people who mean the most to us smile or do we rely on our smart devices to send them a text or leave a Facebook wall post for occasions that mean the most to them? CareGatto helps to put a tangible touch in showing love and care to our friends and family, in the most exciting yet time efficient way.

Browsing through their birthday cards collection on their site, you can’t help but notice their innovative illustrations that are definitely exciting, unique, and full of character. The folded design for their Photo Greetings comes with two real printed photos that are inserted on each side with a personalized message typed up in the center along with one of their unique illustration. When it comes out of the envelope, the sides are folded in so the recipient doesn’t see the message or the photos right away and opening the card has a complete surprise factor.

The two inserted photos can also be taken out and kept long after the card is put away, so the memories will always outlive the card. On their site, they have the option for you to upload photos from your personal Instagram page, since most of our memories now live on our social media pages, or upload the photos from your computer or phone.

So next time you want to send a personalized birthday card, hop on their site and customize and send a thoughtful physical card via their website. They will do the mailing for you so you don’t have to drive to the store to pick up a card and then drive to the post office to mail a card. Whether you’re looking to send love notes, anniversary cards, birthday cards, a gift, or a little note just because, you will sure find something on their site. Having difficulty deciding what to write in a birthday card? They have the option to select one of their pre-written birthday messages to be printed on the card.

Remember, sometimes a simple gesture can go a long way. Make sure those who mean the most to you know that you appreciate them.


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