Writing a work proposal when you are a freelancer can be tricky. The proposal itself is usually different for every project. That is why it is hard for some beginner freelancers to write a proposal that will appeal to the client. This is why we made a list of tips and tricks that can help anyone create a memorable work proposal and get more work. 

If you are working on multiple projects at the same time and writing numerous proposals, consider using Business Management Software to help you organize better. It can help you create your work proposal and manage everyday tasks with ease. Take a look at some of the tips for writing the best work proposal for freelancers.

Why do freelancers need a work proposal?

The answer to this question is simple – every freelancer should know how to write a work proposal to get noticed. With a good work proposal, more and more clients will offer you work. However, every job is different, and every work proposal should fit the job requirements. When applying for a job in a big company, your work proposal should be detailed and specific. On the other hand, getting your client to notice you when using platforms for freelancers is just the first step in making a proposal.

In a situation when a client needs a freelancer to sum it up and write a few sentences to get noticed, the proposal should be unique and specific. If your first message catches the eye of a client, talking to them and writing a work proposal is the next logical step. Getting noticed and getting more quality work options is every freelancer’s goal. That is why the following tips could help you create the best work proposal and get noticed in the crowd of other freelancers offering the same or similar service.

Aspects to consider before writing a work proposal

Before writing a proposal, you may need to carefully think about your goals on a specific project. The main aspect to consider is to get to the interview stage and discuss the project in person. However, before doing that, you need to keep in mind your client’s needs. That is why you should find out more about the project you choose. Go to your client’s profile page and learn more about the job opportunities he usually offers. If there are specific details regarding this project, address them directly. Read every information about the project and make sure to check for questions a client asks. While you do, keep in mind that even the smallest detail may be off-putting for a client that gets to read numerous proposals every day.

Needless to say, is that you will be successful if you choose a field that you are good at. You shouldn’t write proposals for jobs you have no deep knowledge of. Sometimes, this mistake can cost you dearly. Professionals recommend never lying on your proposal on your application, especially if talking directly with a client. A potential client can detect a lie with easy gestures and movements that indicate that you are lying about your work experiences, your certification, or similar aspects. The best policy is to be open and polite.

Before writing your work proposal, you should communicate politely and make sure to double proof your proposal. Grammar errors and writing style is something that clients really pay attention to. Make sure your proposal is written professionally.

Tips for writing a great work proposal for freelancers

Here are some tips that can help you write the best work proposal yet:

  •   Talking about yourself too much. We all know that the client will choose the best-qualified freelancer for his needs. However, many clients comment on short proposals and how they appear generic and similar. The most usual situation is starting almost every sentence with I, Me, or Myself. This has the opposite effect. Clients search for proposals from freelancers that concentrate on a project and the task, more than praising themselves and their accomplishments.
  •   Avoid providing too much information in the first short proposal. Every freelancer will get a chance to prove their credentials and skills after they get a client’s attention. In order to do that among the sea of other applicants who are trying the same thing is to be genuine, polite, and concise. Make sure to write short sentences and stay on point. This will appeal to a potential client further more than the average, “I am perfect for the job…” speech.
  •   Focus on the project. Before writing a short work proposal, consider the needs of the client. In most cases, a client will provide a small amount of information. If you do your research or ask a question, you may be able to respond to the client’s needs the best way. The aspect of asking a question about a client’s needs may be quite appealing and get a freelancer noticed immediately.

What do clients expect to see in a good work proposal?

A client is the one who will ultimately decide which of many freelancers will get the job. Most clients expect to see, concise and specific information in a freelancer proposal. First, a freelancer’s proposal should be personal. Even if you use a template work proposal sheet from the internet, consider changing it a bit and adapting it to your specific needs.

As mentioned before, clients will look the other way if they get a proposal with an unprofessional writing style and numerous typos and errors. This aspect will speak about the applicant’s professionalism and approach.

One of the most important aspects of your work proposal is information about your skill set as well as your accomplishments so far. However, in some cases, clients may not be interested in this aspect as much as they will be interested in hearing about your skills to perform and complete the specific job they offer.

Clients also comment on freelancers with a perfect skill set who may be perfect for the job. However, they lose the potential position and a job opportunity because they lack social skills and good communication skills. This is one aspect that clients look for in a freelancer. It is very important that you stay open to communication and stay polite even when aspects don’t go your way.

In the end, clients will expect that a good work proposal has an estimate or a price a freelancer offers as an official rate for their work. This is one aspect that should be negotiable. On the other hand, negotiating the price shows clients will hire you and get familiar with your skills and what you have to offer.


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