Do you have a good idea for an app, but are you unsure whether you have the right mindset for making it popular in todays market? Today we’re analyzing a popular game called Truth or Dare that’s available both online in the form of a webapp, and for both app stores catering to both iPhone users and Android devices. And although they have chosen to support all of the popular devices, it is not necessary if you are just starting out.

The Idea Itself

The first step on the road to your own money-generating app is the good idea. Start by considering which app you could want. There should be good odds that a number of others are missing the exact same app. Consider the area you live in. If you live in a city that attracts tourists, the possibilities are endless. You can also consider your personal interests. Where the Truth or Dare game has succeeded in our opinion for instance, is by creating a game that speaks to everyone, young and old.

Making Money

And considering the fact that game apps tend to make more money than others, this idea has proven quite a good one. The follow up is just as important however, and also here do we see a great way to go about designing and marketing a game. When looking at the reviews on the app stores we can see several thousand reviewers, signaling an enviable amount of users. And especially for games of this type, where one person downloads the app and tells all his or her friend about it can go viral and spread extremely fast.

Genre of Game

Another type of game is games for play money or real money. These tend to have a devout following, with millions of potential users worldwide. If you need some inspiration to pick the type of games you might be interested in developing, or creating the next generation of, then has a wide variety of games and styles you can look at. Just remember to make the distinction early on, so your game app is not copying directly from any existing software.

Earnings per Game

Since your earnings depend entirely on your app’s popularity and how much you’ve chosen to charge for the app itself, or in-game purchases, it’s hard to give accurate calculations on your salary as the app owner. Advertising with Google or similar ad networks tend to yield fairly small numbers unless you have hundreds of thousands of impressions a month, but if you offer a free app download and then have tiny in-app purchases then your loyal playerbase might well pay your rent sooner than later.

To get the most out of your app, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure you approach a wide audience and not some small niche
  • Start small and work your way up
  • Keep an eye on which apps are topping the charts
  • For the time being it’s easier to make money with iOS apps, as users are more used to the idea of paying for apps
  • Ask your friends and family to rate and comment on your app, seriously
  • Consider making an iPad version of your app, and branch out slowly but steadily to support the popular devices
  • If your app is set up by your existing company, make sure to make lots of publicity for your app on your website and/or social networks and combine it all to one good marketing ring

That’s it for this time, we hope you enjoyed this analysis and leave a comment if you have some insight!


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