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When it comes to making your site visible on the search engines, then it is impossible without SEO. You need to ensure that proper SEO strategies are used to bring your site on the first page of the popular search engines. Now, SEO is not a small term that we can discuss on a single page. It is so vast and elaborate that one cannot even think about. If you have studied for years on this topic, still there are many things which are not covered up in the syllabus. The term SEO is not limited to anything in specific and in this post, we will try to cover up some aspects regarding SEO and WordPress, which is known for being a popular CMS platform.


The best way of getting more links to the website, which actually, in turn, increases the rankings of the search engines is to link with other people simply. If you are supporting a website, then certainly you can expect to get back the favor, especially if both belong to the same niche. I suggest that you turn on this option in WordPress, which can notify you of other blogs that you have linked up with.

Key-phrase is essential

If you are not very much involved in branding, it is the best option to optimize your website surrounding a Keyphrase. This will help you to send search traffic. Most of the times, it so happens that the blogs end up getting maximum links to the homepage. Thus, it is always an ideal choice to try out as well as leverage those web links by getting rankings for related phrases. Once you come up with a Keyphrase, you can use the same in the heading of your website, company logo, title tag of the homepage as well as in the form of anchor text for links from other sites.


Many people get confused when they hear the term permalinks. Well, these are nothing, but simply the URL’s for the posts. The link which comes by default for any post appears different from the URL. The URL link format is better and even gives an idea to the web visitors about the products of the site. In fact, the words present in the URL will be highlighted in the results of the search engine if the content or post is directly relevant to the query given for search. E.g., your site appears like http://www.abc.com/wordpress-seo/, then people will get an idea that your site deals in selling cosmetic products. On the other hand, the default link will come at abc.com/?p=38. Now you think which one is better?

Meta Tags

When you look for a website in Google, then you will come across a snippet of the content below the link to the page. To control that, you can simply customize the Meta description tag available for the particular page. At the same time, if you want you can also add keywords to the tag to tell the search engine that products or services offered by your website. If you prefer Google search engine, then I should mention that just a few months ago the announced that they do not tend to offer the service of keyword crawling any longer.

Some years ago, the keywords were known for being an essential part of the search engines, and it is the only way to determine what a specific website deals in. But, with technological advancement, now search engines have much better facilities for determining the relevance and rankings.

As per the descriptions go, automating the entire process is not possible through any specific ideal way. Best descriptions are hand written. With the plugin Headspace, you can configure them for every post. With plugin Headspace, you can even auto-fill the meta-description of a post by the category description. So, even if you post frequently, it may prove to be helpful for you. You can get in touch with Big3media for SEO services at its best.

Title Tags

This is known for being an essential on-site factor, and it helps the search engine to know the whereabouts of your website. In the older WordPress version, the post titles are displayed as “Blog Name >> Post Title.” Your homepage is already ranking for the website name, so there is no question of helping yourself by simply putting up your website name at the front of the title. There is no need to rank the site for more than once.

In this post, we have just covered a bit of SEO and WordPress related matters. To know more in details, you can follow the upcoming blogs!


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