In recent times there has been a growth in Nigerian newspapers and other media outlets such as exclusively online news as a market in itself. It is therefore a tough industry to write news about the people and country of Nigeria, but this challenge has Elevate News, featuring Nigeria News, taken on their shoulders. This online media platform contains news about the Nigerian people, the politics, events, business, sports, education and more, across the nation.

Elevate News focuses on the average reader so everybody can understand the language, and there is no complicated analysis that makes it difficult to follow. The media is working on the online principle, so everybody with an internet connection can easily and freely read about what is happening.

The news comes mainly from the press releases and information that the media outlets report on, so there is no difference there in how the source material is gathered, and both daily news and weekly exhibits are featured. Elevate News further disseminates the news of the big Nigerian companies, and names to give a direct line of voice from the source to the Nigerian readers.

Elevate News has a good website that works well on both desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones, so no matter which device you connect with, you can get free news instantly and beautifully.

The news themselves are styled in the layout of the newspaper, and the look-and-feel is similar to traditional newspaper thinking. You can now choose to click around the newspaper and then go to the articles that are relevant for you to read, no matter what your job is.

There is also an excellent overview of the individual sections and appendices in today’s newspaper, but there is no possibility of graphically looking at the current newspaper.

Where Elevate News are really smart, is by bringing free news online cutting down the cost, and keeping quality high. Clicking the article text makes the readers engage with the content, and the news themselves are not overly bias politically for instance. One issue is some places where the text appears slightly small on the website, making it significantly more difficult to read on the smartphone screen.

For future versions it could be nice with a reading list, where articles can be book marked for later reading, if that will be a future function it would be even better. But already it is a strong site worth a visit!


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