You have taken some great shots during your vacation, a friend’s wedding or official function and you would like to let the world know about the wonderful experiences you had. You want to present professional-quality videos photos but you realize that some of the shots are not up to the standard. A photo/video editing tool helps you to organize and manipulate your work to make it look better. The editing tools give you complete control to so that you can perfect how your final output looks and sounds before sharing it with the world.

Pinnacle Studio 21 is the ultimate video editing software which provides you the power, control, and creativity to create professional videos. The software has a rich library of tools for importing, organizing, editing, exporting and sharing media clips. This will enable you to develop a high-quality and finely polished video from your raw footage.

Pinnacle Studio 21 has an intuitive interface that is easy to use and its unique workflow ensures that all categories of users are comfortable working with it. First-time video editors, as well as professional editors, should be able to find the hang of it easily. The software has powerful advanced video editing capabilities, creative control tools, and powerful audio tools.


Video editing tools: This video editing software offers you unlimited video editing tracks for HD, 3D, and 4K video editing. The various license types offer a variation of these editing tools.

Split Screen Template creator: This powerful tool allows users to create split screen video which shows multiple video streams simultaneously.

Multi-camera editing: Pinnacle Studio 21 allows you to combine footage from multiple devices by allowing you to align and sync clips with audio syncing or by markers

Create photo and videos slideshows: Just drag and drop video, photos and music into your project and SmartMovie, the automatic video generator will complete the task for you.

Combine Storyboard and Timeline editing: Unlike most other editing software, Pinnacle Studio 21 combines the timeline and storyboard editing modes, giving you the power to take advantage of the two workflows at the same time.

ScoreFitter Music Library: Pinnacle Studio is equipped with royalty-free music to help you add the perfect soundtrack to your video.

Video Sharing capabilities: Pinnacle Studio provides you with several options to export and share your videos once they are ready. You can upload it to share on Facebook, YouTube, and/or Vimeo without leaving the application. The software allows you to export your video into many different formats such as MP4, MOV and AVI and the output can be optimized for playback on several devices like smartphones, tablets and gaming systems.

Pinnacle Studio for mobile: Edit your videos on the go using the Pinnacle Studio for iOS and Pinnacle Studio Pro for iOS. This mobile app version of Pinnacle Studio 21 enables you to access media from different sources such as Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Drobox. Additionally, you can capture video and photos from the app and transfer the media between devices using Airdrop.

Video filters and effects. Pinnacle software had the largest libraries of effects and transitions and animated titles. Add color, excitement, and polish to dazzle your audience.

Other features available in Pinnacle Studio Plus and Ultimate are: 

  • Motion Tracking
  • Wide-angle lens correction
  • Audio ducking
  • Screen Recording capabilities
  • NewBlue Essentials 5, Film Effects and Stabilizer
  • Morph Transitions
  • 360-Degree video editing
  • Motion Tracking with mosaic blur
  • Paint effects
  • Advanced 3D features

Pricing and Promo Codes

Pinnacle Solution has a pricing regime based on three license types; Pinnacle Studio 21, Pinnacle Studio 21 plus and Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate. The prices are as follows:

Pinnacle Studio 21: $59.95

Pinnacle Studio 21 Plus: $99.95

Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate: $129.95
Pinnacle Studio Coupon Codes

You can minimize your photo editing costs by using the pinnacle coupon codes. There are plenty of photography forums, blogs and coupons sites like the one I found where you can get a discount code for Pinnacle Systems products. The following three coupons will give you huge savings;

  • 15PINNSAVE: Get 15% off Pinnacle Studio.
  • ULTIMATESAVE20: Save 20% on Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate
  • PINN18ULT30: Take $30 Off Pinnacle Studio Ultimate


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