Many businesses are benefiting from the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their commercial websites. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing plan which incorporates some of the major methods which web masters employ in making a website or brand get a big online visibility.

Large enterprises benefit from the use of SEO, especially in their business practices. For instance, people can use SEO on their e-commerce websites and fetch many customers online.

When using SEO, people may wonder about using some specific terms and SEO motives. For instance, many SEO users may be new to the industry. Some of the words like hyperlink, backlink, follow or non-follow link as well as a right or wrong link. It is essential to building them on a website which has some of the best SEO strategies to make the site visible online.

Ross Barber, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, defines some of the links which can be present in the SEO methods:

    • Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks denote texts and other input parameters which contain aspects present on other URLs. It is important to place hyperlinks like when doing guest posting for SEO. In other cases, people can use hyperlinks in a context which makes them as an internal link to your domain. Hyperlinks can help your UX improvement as well as contributing to the ranking factors.

    • Internal links

When doing SEO, backlinking is a common aspect of increasing the domain authority. It makes your website and domain relevant to your niche, making search engines place your website high on the SERPs. Internal links are links pointing to your site, but they all originate from the same domain as the website itself. This aspect of SEO makes the website fetch some good traffic as well as increasing the brand authority of your site.

    • External links

These are links from another website which come from other domains. Backlinks are like external links only that they have an opposing method of occurrence. For instance, there can occur backlinks which come from other websites. These are the ones who count as legitimate backlinks. They also increase your domain authority, content relevance, and clientele base.

  • Follow and non-follow links

Sometimes, you can click a link and transfer your link authority. In other cases, link juice can be present or not. In these cases, people use non-follow links to make sure that this process is successful. Follow links are essential in making the entire internet site visible to the persons viewing it.


SEO is one of the best internet marketing strategies. SEO helps many businesses get a big clientele base from many parts of the globe. It is possible to go to the various SEO automation tools and achieve some of the best features to control the way the website behaves. Some people may wonder what some of the links in SEO means. Some of the best SEO techniques can be available from the online platform as well as making some of the necessary adjustments on their internet marketing skills.


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