The youth of today is the future of tomorrow; and they could secure a future for your business too. Nowadays most businesses target their advertising towards young adults, using the latest technology to reach people around the world and incorporating modern slang to appeal to a younger audience. It comes as no surprise that this strategy is used, and with great success, as young adults generally have a better understanding of the social side of technology, a disposable income and an interest in current trends. This perfect storm adds up to a key consumer base, with 67% of millennials shopping online, and many making large purchases such as cars and beds online. Being able to connect with this audience can mean a much greater chance of success for your business.

Keep on Top of Technology

Use Web Gadgets for a Speedier Service

As technology develops, the younger generations often have little patience when it comes to finding what they want. By installing a web gadget to make finding what they want easier, you minimise the risk of young users finding somewhere else to go. Web widgets are a and quick and easy way for your users to find exactly what they are looking for. If you have a business which seeks to bring users the best offer from a range, for example an airport parking comparison website, inserting a widget is the easiest way for users to find the best price. This is especially useful if you offer more than one service to users, or there is a variety of options for them to choose from, such as with travel where different companies, dates and locations are being compared.

Using Social Media

Social media is a key marketing tool for any business, but when you are targeting a younger generation it is essential. From Facebook to Instagram, social media significantly increases your ability to connect with your current audience and let potential new customers know about your business. Keep up to date with the current social media trends and make use of hashtags, videos and retweets to grow your customer base. Social media can also be a helpful tool in discussing feedback with customers, connecting on current topics and introducing new products. The use of social media also allows you to be more personable and friendly with your audience; something which especially appeals to the millennial generation who have grown up using the internet to connect personally.

Make It Personal

Brand Identity

There are so many ways in which we are advertised to in this technological age, that it is no surprise that generations X and Y are a bit more choosey when it comes to the businesses they support. Young adults tend to appreciate brands which have a personality and hold values similar to their own. They prefer brands which advertise their business without imposing (such as pop ups) and that offer a friendly service. Businesses which do some good such as giving to charity or supporting social movements they feel passionately about are also highly regarded.  

Use In-House Knowledge

When it comes to connecting to your audience, one of the best ways to find out what they want is by asking them. If you have young employees, they are more likely to be aware of the current trends, gadgets and interests of their generation, so using their knowledge can help you connect further with your audience. This simple yet effective technique is free and easy and can influence everything from the way in which you write content to the use of current hashtags.

Reaching a wide audience is always harder than it looks, but at least in this day and age once you tap into the youth market, you have a far greater chance of your business booming. It’s not only their use of technology which leads young people to being a key target audience for many businesses, but the way they interact, shop and spend. Young adults tend to have larger social circles, a more disposable income and have a greater chance of impulsive spending, as they reach the age where they transition from school to university, and university to work. Keeping up to date with young adults also makes your business in essence, more youthful, meaning you are more likely to continue to grow and expand for many years to come.


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