The Internet is a must-have a thing in our lives these days. It is our primary source of information, learning, and entertainment. Therefore, everyone tries to get the best usage out of it. Like every other technology, the internet is also varied in quality as you can see slow speed internet to ultra-high speed internet. It depends on the need of the user. Like for a residential user, an average speed internet may be enough.

But for business organizations and video gamers must need a fastest and reliable internet for their needs. With the growing popularity of video streaming platforms like YouTube, it has become a requirement to have decent internet connection as video streaming without buffering requires super-fast and steady internet. Thus, high-speed internet is must to enhance your online experience.

Charter Internet; Better in Less:

In the US, many ISPs offer internet plans in different modes. But you should choose the one that meets your requirements in line with your budget. If we search all the companies’ packages and service features, then Spectrum Cable Company is precisely one that we are looking for. It is known for its reliable high-speed internet with a lower price as compared to other providers. We will look into details about its internet service.

4K Videos with 100 Mbps Internet:

Charter offers its high-speed internet which starts from 100 Mbps, and that is an excellent speed. Usually, HD video requires 20 Mbps speed for smooth buffering. But if the customer wants to watch 4k videos, then internet speed must be more than 50 Mbps. Using the Charter Spectrum Internet, watching the 4K videos without any buffering has become a reality.

Keep on Live Streaming:

Live streaming is the best way to get the latest information about anything. Users can watch live streaming of news channels, sports events, seminars, and social events. Many news channels broadcast the live streaming on YouTube. Also, many popular sports competitions also can be watched on YouTube. With Spectrum fast and stable internet, the user can watch live streaming without any delay.

No Bandwidth Limit; No Need for Extra Data Plan:

If we search other companies’ internet offers, then there is a specific limit on bandwidth. We have to use the internet every time keeping in mind this data restriction. So users cannot search everything that they want to do. For a family having a single connection is much trouble. It leads to a separate data plan for smartphones so that everybody in the home can use the internet. It causes the extra burden on the family budget. But Charter relieves its customers from this hassle. It offers unlimited bandwidth for internet that is enough for the whole family. Consequently, the customer is saving a lot and still everybody enjoying the web.

Make Your Social Profile Updated:

Social media is the most famous thing that everybody uses. On average, a person uses 4-5 hours daily on the social media websites. With high-speed internet, users can also update their social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat 24/7. You can make live streaming and explore the news feed without waiting. Therefore, high-speed internet is also essential for your social media profiles.

Free Wi-Fi for the Home:

Smartphone needs Wi-Fi or data plan. But why would you choose internet plan if Wi-Fi is available for free? The answer would be no. Charter offers free Wi-Fi router with its internet service. It will allow every person in the home to use the internet anywhere in the house. Also, this Wi-Fi network is secure from any unauthorized outside threat. Moreover, it can be used as a private network for home sharing.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Outside:

Well, free Wi-Fi in the home is good. But what if the customers go out, and they need an internet connection? Surely, Charter also has a solution to this problem. By installing Wi-Fi hotspots at public places, Charter gives the comfort to its users of 24/7 connectivity. These hotspots are mostly available at familiar dining places, shopping malls, public parks, streets, and community centers. But these are only available for Charter customers.

  • Customers can find the hotspot by turning on their phone Wi-Fi. They will see Spectrum Wi-Fi or Charter Wi-Fi on the list. Customers will enter their user ID and password to connect the Wi-Fi.
  • Non-Charter customers can also use the internet for satisfaction. They can use the Spectrum internet for up to 30 minutes.

Don’t Go Online Without Protection:

As there are countless benefits to the internet, there are also some hazards that users can get. Online malware is so common that going online without an official security system is dangerous to your privacy. Charter also provides free online Security Suite to its customers. That suite secures the devices from online threat and malware. Hence, high-speed internet is essential for a better internet experience.


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