If your website is not on the first page of search results on Google, Bing or Yahoo, your potential customers will never figure out that you exist, not to mention converting into customers. There are many ways in which you can attract traffic, but today we are talking about SEO.

Achieving high visibility in search engines is one of the most effective and long-term goals you can pursue, not only by creating more traffic and more sales, but also because the search engine optimization methods imply a long-term perspective to create brand trust and exposure.

So what if you want to improve your website’s online presence, but lack the time or expertise to do search engine optimization? It may be worth the expense to have a reliable and experienced search engine optimization (SEO) consultant provide assistance.

1. Website checkup and SEO analysis

Be sure to make technical review of your site as one of the first things you do – and keep at it regularly. It’s a bit like giving your car a maintenance check. If you have the will to do so yourself there are plenty of free tools for analysis you can try out. With most of these, you will get a nice and clear list of all the most important HTML and On-site optimization tactics available.

And if you’re familiar with the search engine optimization techniques you can do an analysis on the above webpage and save the information – it can be good to let your SEO consultants know about your concerns – they can often tell you which points matter, and which can be ignored.

2. Content marketing

The companies and individuals who really understood to utilize the full potential of some good content, also reap an enormous SEO benefit from their work. We are about to reach a point in time where search engine optimization by itself is no longer # 1 in the list, and it can be seen in Russia for instance, where the major Russian search engine Yandex completely stopped using links as a ranking factor.

In short, content marketing is a technique used stylize and optimize the content distributed y a company, both for the website pages, but also for social media posts, and anything else online. Large enterprises also take this a step further, and instead of hoping for the different magazines to write about their products, they start their own magazines and run ads in them for free. Some of these are even turning profit, but they key is to distribute the brand awareness and to harvest the backlinks that the content provides.

By creating a site tailored to your audience, you decide which content is shown and the best content marketers are those who not only link each post to their own products but really make an effort to come up with relevant and interesting information for their visitors.


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