In the modern realm of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), having a strong and well developed backlink profile is crucial to ranking well in the search engine results pages. Google highly values quality and reliable backlinks meaning that they will help to improve ranking.

There are a few dangers when it comes to building a backlink profile, mostly surrounding poor-quality or “invisible” ones that ultimately don’t improve the quality of the website but are merely an attempt to make it appear better.

Digital marketing experts like The Marketing Folks are able to help build these effective backlink profiles and as digital marketing in Sydney becomes more and more prominent, as it already has, it will only be more important to have a strong backlink profile for the site.

Authoritative Links

Whilst this may seem obvious, it is the most important thing to get right and forms the base of a good profile. Authoritative links help to promote the website as one that is well trusted by other high ranking sites and can therefore be respected and trusted itself.

The important thing to note is to not have too many low-authority links as they can be seen as spam. Having lots of spam-y backlinks can lead to a low ranking and potentially penalties from Google. Whilst it is impossible for all of these to be avoided, it is a good idea to have digital marketing experts go over it to ensure that it is clean and not encourage bad SEO practices in building weak links.

Follow vs Nofollow

By including follow and nofollow links, the website appears natural and this helps to improve and maintain ranking. Sites that are loaded with only ‘follow’ links can be penalised and end up lower in the search engine results page. With digital marketing in Sydney so important, no business can afford a reduction in ranking.

This is a good strategy to maintain a balanced profile and reduce the risk of penalties or poor rankings. It still helps to build a stronger profile, but is more importantly a way to stop a slide in rankings.

Keep it Fresh

Backlinks need to constantly be refreshed and updated with new ones to maintain a contemporary and relevant image. Backlinks deteriorate in value over time and if they are not regularly updated with new ones, the site becomes less well-recognised. New links from authoritative sites are the best way to maintain a strong ranking.

New backlinks from authoritative sites hold a greater value than old ones and keep the site ranking well. This is because Google is constantly checking to ensure that sites are maintaining their level of trust and if there are only old links, it appears as though the site has lost trust from the high authority sites.

Make it Relevant

The backlinks used on the site must be relevant to the content that is being displayed. Whilst there used to be a time when digital marketing in Sydney was all about the total number of backlinks, now it is about being relevant and beneficial for the user should they need to look for more information.

This presents a challenge in relation to the level of authority that the link holds. In some cases, the relevance of the link may hold greater weight than the high domain authority that it comes from. This is important to take note of as getting the balance right between the two can have a significant influence on ranking.


Infographics are a great way to attract attention to the site and build a strong backlink profile. This is because they are a colourful and easy to interpret way of presenting a lot of information to everyday people. The difficulty with them is finding the right information that is going to interest and entice people and a digital marketing expert may be the most help.

The infographic needs to contain information that is in line with current trends and relates to people. The relative nature of the backlink can be to do with pictures and it can relate to the actual research presented. Most people respond well to infographics as it requires minimal reading and maximum learning in a short space.

Internal Links

These are great for helping users to navigate the site and to build on the websites blog. Internal links are a way of increasing people’s knowledge throughout your site and to maintain their user experience.

The strength in them is that it makes the site more user-friendly which is a great way to improve ranking. Additionally, it allows for link juice to be passed on amassing the domain authority throughout the whole site.


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