Divorce lawyers are attorneys who are experts in the dissolution of a partnerships and family law. This usually involves annulments, separations, divorce, child custody and the splitting up of assets. Seeking the support of an expert is extremely wise, especially when there are such high factors at stake (such as child custody). Furthermore, the court room can be a scary place it is common for the everyday person to not understand court lingo.

This is where a specialised attorney steps in. A professional can act as a representative in the court room as well and also offers the best advice based on the situation at hand and their years of experience. Many people feel more safe and supported when they have a lawyer on their side, which is important when going through an extremely difficult time. It is important to have a better understanding of law and entitlements in order to know what the best moves to make are moving forward. When many begin the proceedings of, or begin to think about a separation, there are many questions that come to mind. Here are some common questions that can be answered by divorce lawyers.

Can the locks be changed?

When many are going through a divorce they want to feel safe and protected in their own homes. This poses the question of if the locks can be changed. While this is a question that is best to be answered by divorce lawyers, there is some general information to think about. If one person owns a property then it is more appropriate to change the locks, however, it can be a good idea to give the other person notice. This, of course, can change depending on the situation, especially in the case where a restraining order is involved.

What am I entitled to?

A great question to ask an attorney is about entitlements. This all depends on the length of the marriage, if there are kids involves and if there is a prenuptial agreement. Chatting with a professional about the circumstances is a great way to get a better understanding of what the entitlements are, so clients can know what they need to push for. Evidence in the form of receipts is also a great way to establish what was purchased and with what accounts.

Who gets to keep the pets?

A stressful question that may find themselves asking is if they get to keep their pets. Generally, this is best to figure out amicably between both parties however when this cannot be personally solved, it is a good idea to seek the help of an attorney. A great way to avoid future hassles is by including the pet’s ownership in a prenuptial agreement, as well as the ownership of future pets. Visitation rights can be included however a court will not enforce visitations. If a dispute cannot be settled by divorce lawyers Sydney outside of the court room, then it will need to be brought up in court.

Can a child choose who they want to live with?

Again, this depends on the circumstances but is a great question to ask an attorney. If a child’s safety is at risk, then it is unlikely that they will be put in danger. However, many believe that by a certain age a child can choose where they want to live. This is not the case, and rather this is decided based on a child’s maturity and insight. It is also important to know that a judge will rarely split up siblings, but this can change if the siblings have different parents. At the end of the day, this works on a case by case basis.


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