People typically buy prescription glasses in traditional brick and mortar stores. For some people though, this is a daunting task. But thanks to online shopping, buying prescription glasses can now be done conveniently from home. Personally, I like shopping online, and as a developer with a job of looking on the screen for 8-9 hours a day, I care about my eyes.

I have a friend who got her prescription glasses online and she told me it was a better experience than dealing with a salesmen in the mall. Another friend who also shopped online for her glasses said she was able to select more frames and that they were actually much cheaper. Because of their positive experience, I was convinced to try shopping for my prescription glasses online so I did a little research. While looking up for online stores on Google, I came upon

Upon opening the website, discounted items and coupons, greeted me with a bang! I grew even more excited seeing trendy designer eyewears featured on the site as well as their exclusive offers on first orders. I got hooked instantly!

Before browsing through the women’s signature brands, I decided to take a peek about and found out that it is actually the first website that started selling prescription glasses over the internet. It was founded and started in 1996 by Cooper and Hodgson, both optometrists in Houston, Texas. The company moved its headquarters to Austin in 2008 and today, the company claims that it offers the widest selection of designer eyewear – your choice of Prada or Oakley or any from the 200 renowned brands the company carries.

Satisfied with what I have read about the company, I was determined to take my initial order for prescription glasses. All prescription eyeglasses brands were listed from A-Z. I was quickly overwhelmed by the large selection so I trimmed down my search to the featured brands”” section.

Among hundreds to choose from, I was able to narrow my choices down to RayBan, Oakley, Burberry, Persol, and Dolce & Gabbana. All of the designs were great, but I was more inclined to the Italian brand, Dolce & Gabbana. I particularly love the Dolce & Gabbana DG3242 Eyeglasses for a classic and smarty look. It comes in five frame color options that also matches the temple ends. I was torn between black and havana but finally settled for the latter which has a more neutral color.

After selecting the type of frame and the frame size, I was prompted to select the type of lens – a choice between Single Vision, Bifocals, and Progressive No Line. After selecting my type of lens, I was asked if my prescription was available. Since I had my prescription with me, I was then asked for to fill-in the details (sphere, cylinder, and axis). And as for the lens material, I was given an option between plastic or polycarbonate.

I chose polycarbonate because it is thinner than plastic lens and is more resistant to harmful elements. At checkout, I was surprised to see that the item had been automatically discounted. Plus, I got 15% additional discount as it was my first order at I also did a research online for a promo code and I found Quradia which gives coupons for free.

My first order experience with was seamless. The item was shipped free of charge to my home address in Florida. This hassle-free approach to buying prescription glasses at online is truly commendable. No wonder why has delighted over 1 million customers in the past two decades.


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