Eden Horticulture is a hydroponics wholesaler specialising in the distribution and manufacture of horticultural products across the UK, Europe and America. From growing lights to nutrients Eden horticulture stocks the leading brands of fans filters and hydroponics equipment needed for retail outlets. Based in Telford Shropshire occupying a 45,000sqft facility Eden horticulture is renowned as one of the leading hydroponics distributors in the UK.

Grow lighting is one of the most important aspects for the hydroponic gardener. The source of light selected can determine the quality and yield of a plant. Eden horticulture sell 600w grow lights (most popular in the UK) we now supply fixtures and 315w CMH (ceramic metal halide) lighting. This is energy efficient and is proven to be 80% as effective as a 600w hps grow light. We stock brands such as Omega lighting, Phillips & Osram.

Nutrients are needed for the development of a plant. From start to finish we supply the correct blends of NPK required for your plant to have the most successful start. We stock brands such as Cyco a leading Australian brand of Nutrients. We also distribute exclusively snoops premium nutrients and their popular yummy yield and heavy harvest.

Trimming can be a chore. But at Eden, we solve this problem by stocking the Twister Trimmer T2 T4 and T6 models. These trimmers are manufactured in Canada and make trimming a doddle

Delivery, We deliver our products on a next day delivery service in the UK from Birmingham to Wolverhampton from France to Germany. We can deliver your goods anywhere in the world. Our new online ordering platform allows our stockists to place orders for products anywhere in the world.


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