Mattress arena is changing and is going all digital. It is necessary to spend significant marketing dollars on mobile advertising campaigns. Moreover, Google is friendly with mobile friendly [responsive] websites. Searching for mattresses is similar to seeking out any other product or services online. It means, the trend to research for things on the go instead of purchasing at local stores is here to stay because not just youngsters but even elderly demographics find it convenient.

Why mobile is crucial for mattress marketing?

For shoppers, smartphone is their closest advisor. Mobile is used to gain some ideas, request for quotes, compare rates, find information, read reviews, and make decisions. In addition, shoppers turn to social channels like Instagram and Pinterest for information regarding latest trend, design inspiration, and referrals.

Online mattress business has crossed the $1.5 billion sales figure because consumers responded optimistically to the concept of ‘direct-to-consumer’ and ‘bed-in-a-box’.

Marketers need to understand millennial behavior

Mobile and social media is evolving profoundly and fast. So, it is necessary even for mattress marketers to learn ways of spreading word to use social media and apps effectively. Actually, marketers use apps and social media but are not aware how to keep followers engaged, even when they experience good traffic.

Message needs to be creative to engage visitors and even use strategies to promote ways to make it go viral. Visit to read in detail.

How to enhance mobile marketing plan for mattress stores?

Mobile website optimization

Mobile devices are becoming omnipresent and increasingly replacing desktop and laptops as primary way to access internet. Mattress retailers with optimized mobile strategy will get ahead.

It means having a responsive website designed to ensure proper functionality on Android or iPhone just like it is on your laptop. It is reported that 52% people use Smartphone to check their emails. So, if a prospective consumer cannot view your email or access your website from their mobile phone then they certainly will reach out to your competition.

PPC ad to drive traffic

Pay per click ads bring audiences to your website. When seekers enter relevant questions like Connecticut memory foam mattress and you will need to pay only when your advertisement gets clicked.

Relevant and useful content 

‘Content is king’ has never gone out of trend. Today, the latest trend is towards customized content. Consumers are becoming very selective regarding what content they desire to read. Therefore mattress retailers need relevant and customized content for targeting potential buyers. First create buyer persona, this means a profile of potentials most likely to convert into loyal consumers. You can then customize inbound marketing efforts to deliver a tailored message, at every point alongside the sales funnel.

Showcase mattresses and promotions, share tips, and how to contents on highly visual social media platforms.

Selling sleep rather than mattress

Today, consumers are getting educated through online research before they determine to make a purchase. In the past, mattress retailers were dependent on ‘rock-bottom-rates’ and ‘blowout sales event’ to stimulate business.

Fortunately, new upstarts have brought a new wave and shift of strategy, rather than selling mattress marketers are promoting sleep. The push is towards emotion-driven mattress promotion. The inbound marketing strategy focus and email interaction is on educating and engaging potential consumers instead of a constant sales pitch regarding price cuts. Besides designing mobile-friendly website, marketers message needs to focus on selling better sleep, better life quality, better health, and other such emotion-driven benefits.

Monitor online reviews

Buyers regularly refer to online reviews. It is crucial to monitor the comments related to your brand, so as to ensure what works well ad which aspects regarding your online visibility needs enhancement.

Mobile shopping is here to stay and its use will escalate as years pass. If your consumer does not find your presence on their mobile they move to your competition. If they find you and your site is not easily navigable from their mobile then they certainly will not stay but move away.


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