Exercise has become yet another successful domain for trainers to showcase their skills. It has become yet another interesting platform to make the clients aware that they can become just like they are right now. This is the reason, the job description of a personal trainer is much intriguing since it involves a lot of aspects and not just solely based on the well being of your client.

You might have seen many sitcoms, television shows, fitness channels where celebrities hire personal trainers to look after everything. The reason being that fitness is a factor that is peculiar to some and they undergo grueling hours of training to make that a success. Another reason being that they just do this to maintain themselves throughout their lifestyle, long story short, they want to remain healthy.


Many personal trainers undergo courses so that they would be able to focus on one form of fitness training. The reason being, there are athletes who would need a specific kind of training so that they would be able to give their 125% for 10 minutes on that track. There would be athletes who have to slog the whole day beneath the scorching sun which is very similar to endurance training. We can classify them as genres or types of training which should be undergone by the aspirants. OriGym provides a great platform in giving a professional and personal level advice on what should they pursue, what to do, what not to do, so on and so forth.

The new generation of personal trainers has taken a novel approach towards fitness and therefore this career option is selling like hot cakes. They have a different sort of approach towards fitness and that is something which should be heeded. According to them, fitness is not just about mindless slogging in the gym or on the mat without any perspective. It is all about taking a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude towards this approach. That makes the difference between a good trainer and a great trainer, the one who would be able to mould you properly into making decisions that are healthy and not rash.


There are personal trainers who either practice individually OR they work at the fitness centers so they can take care of more than one client at a time. There are some trainers who also work with medical centers and hospitals depending on the many number of patients they serve. OriGym gives a veritable set of things that need to be carried out by the personal trainer of any type. Regardless of the workplace, there would be certain day to day responsibilities that they need to carry out effectively and they are listed out as follows:

  1. Demonstration of the training exercises and routines to your clients.
  2. Helping the clients in effectively carrying out the moves so that they won’t face unnecessary injuries during that time.
  3. Understanding your client’s fitness levels and then making a workout plan beneficial for the same.
  4. Effectively keeping track of your client’s progress weekly, monthly and as per the convenience of the client.
  5. A personal trainer should also advise the client based on the best practices that can be carried out based on general fitness and other health based issues to increase awareness.
  6. Carrying out the emergency first aid whenever needed lest there are any unfortunate issues.

OriGym makes sure that all the guidelines are followed properly since the personal trainers are also responsible for the well being of the clients. You should guide them, support them and also be able to solve any kind of query that they might have.


Apart from the things that should be done, there are some things which a personal trainer must avoid at all costs. They are listed out as follows,

  • Avoid giving any kind of rash medical advice or any kind of diagnosis which you are not formally aware of.
  • Avoid providing any kind of body massages to the client if they are not pertaining to your domain. This could create a lot of problems for your training career if you are not careful.
  • Avoid becoming an informal counselor to your clients or becoming much too involved with them. This could prove fatal to your career.
  • Avoid pushing your own preferences for fitness goals on your clients who are looking out for similar goals. Your role is to be impartial.


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