If you are not taking advantage of the power of Customized Feather Flags to advertise your business, you are missing out on one of the most cost effective ways to increase your walk in traffic, and build brand awareness. I am not talking about the categorized advertising flags that anyone can purchase, I am talking about Feather Banners that are designed and customized specifically for your business.

If you own a traditional business that relies on attracting potential customers to a retail location, it can become frustrating finding affordable yet effective methods to attract prospects. Standing out among all the other businesses who are doing their best to stand out only complicates the task.

Effective signage outside your location can be a good start, but can only do so much and be costly if you invest in electric or extremely large signage. Vinyl Banners can be cheap and effective to a certain degree but still can lack the needed pop to make your business to stand out above the rest. This is where cheap yet effective custom banner flags can be a game changer for your business.

Building brand awareness is an extremely necessary strategy for your business if you want long term success and growth, just look at EMFurn, and how they’ve managed to build a reputation and brand around quality mid century modern furniture in a very short time. Building brand awareness goes beyond just bringing customers in, it creates public awareness for your company whether they have a need for your company now or in the future. While larger companies spend millions on building their brand, custom flags can help you build brand awareness for much less.

When you started your business, you more than likely spent time and money creating a logo, choosing colors and maybe even a slogan. These are all part of your brand, and should be part of your existing signage. These are the building blocks for the identity of your business, and this is what you want potential customers to remember about your business so they think of your business when they are ready to buy. While building this brand awareness takes effort on multiple levels, personalized Feather banners can be a powerful tool in establishing your brand.

Feather Flags that are customized with your logo, colors, and even your web address keep your name in front of your market. When you have people driving by your business day after day seeing these flags, it goes a long ways towards establishing an awareness of your business. While the general advertising flags that are available to everyone are effective, they do little to nothing for establishing your brand. As mentioned these are flags anyone can purchase, even your competition, so they become a little familiar and lose the drawing power of a flag that is only seen in front of your business.

Custom flags also draw more attention to your building signage. So if you have properly designed your signage for your brand, this only increases your businesses brand awareness. One of the biggest benefits of custom advertising flags is the cost. The popularity and availability have brought the pricing for customized flags way down. Even thought they have to be replaced every nine to eighteen months on average, they still deliver a high return on your advertising dollar.

So if you are ready to take your business to the next level and start seriously building your companies brand awareness you need to consider taking advantage of the power of these flags. When you design your flags you need to be sure to prominently display your logo, and be sure to use colors associated with your business. While brand awareness is not something you can build overnight, you can definitely help the process by using a sound strategy and tools that your competition may be overlooking. Custom Feather Flags can help you in this process, and do this without breaking your advertising budget.


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