First and foremost, the public expects a company or organization to have a website.

Nowadays, it is rare to find someone who does not use the Internet to find information for personal or professional use. More than 75% of people have access to the Internet and 85% use it to find services and products.

Even if your customers are local or if your activities require a personal relationship with your customers, the statistics do not lie: a professional site is a must for all companies, whatever their size. Thus we can see why it’s important for any local business to have a website and choose a good web design company to build them a website based on their needs. We recommend checking out

To help you with your web design needs.

Here are just a few examples of how our customers are getting a great return on their investment in a website:

Acquire new customers

Since most people search primarily on the Internet, having an Internet presence is needed to help potential customers find you. A website can help you make a difference to your competitors and win new customers. An easily remember able Internet address allows your customers to recommend your business to their own friends and acquaintances (this is the viral aspect of the website).

Provide better customer service

In an increasingly competitive market, the difference between you and a competitor could be in terms of better customer service. Not only do you want to respond quickly to your customers but you also want to maintain a pro-active relationship with them. A website can help to achieve these two goals through information pages, contact forms, newsletter, … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Find new ways to sell

A website can assist you in creating a new sales channel; it’s actually a sales channel all by itself. Your can simply and inexpensively create an online catalog to present the products and services of your business. These new ways of selling add another dimension to your business without forcing you to change your ways. If you have a store or office, you can still sell your products online or present your activities.

Anyway you give customers a new way to get in touch with you.

Lower the costs

Marketing costs can be high. Print brochures, documents, instructions, which can quickly become obsolete is expensive. A website can be quickly updated at any time. This not only saves printing costs and shipping costs, it also speeds up the time required to send news.

If you use traditional marketing means (brochures, ads, radio …), adding the address of your website allows you to shorten your messages and send back to your website for further information.

Companies often waste time and energy providing the same information repeatedly, by phone or in person. Putting a page on your site that provides answers to frequently asked questions saves time and satisfies customers who access information faster.

With an effective website, you can get more results with fewer resources.

Other things to consider

Rather than looking in the directory, people go on the Internet looking for a service or product. If they can not find your site, they will find those of your competitors.

No business operates without a phone. A website – with the services it can provide – is of equal importance to the phone for a 21st century business.

Prices vary, depending on the specificities of each site. But when you consider the benefits that even the simplest of websites can bring you, the question is less “Can I afford to have a website?” that “Can I afford not to have one?”


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