Looking for an advertising agency online is not always a smooth process, as the Internet does not exactly provide a neat list in terms of rankings or customer testimonies. While AirBnB works great for the hotel business, there’s not exactly the same thing for advertising agencies, especially not as local as a single city. Therefore, finding the right agency to handle your business marketing campaign can prove harder than one might expect in this day and age of technology.

That said, using Google you can quickly get a sense the different companies available in the region, and then narrow them down by other means. You can look for exactly the agency that suits the situation you are in as a company by doing some research first. There are no 2 similar agencies and there is currently not a useful tool on the market to find the right agency for you. Only you can decide if an agency fits the requirements for the work you need to complete. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a media agency, mobile agency or other option you wish to hire, it’s the same principles that apply.

Agencies can come in many varieties, from your fully fledged advertising agency philadelphia, to a single entrepreneur changing the world one client at a time. Finding the right agency therefore is as difficult as hiring the right employee. Luckily most agencies have a good deal of experience in how to approach unsure customers, and you should let them talk and learn as much as possible when you put out feelers for prospective opportunities.

Using freelancers is also an option, either by letting a larger agency find the right freelancer, leaving you without any of the labor involved, or you can try your luck at the free and open market as it were. Just keep in mind that with everything in life, you save money if you want to do the job yourself. However, if you are not experienced in a particular field and cannot assess the agencies properly, you may want to let others handle this.

There’s also the question of whether you should go for a digital agency or a traditional ad agency. The digital agencies are better at handling the web and ultimately deliver a more solid online experience than the traditional print advertising agencies as one would imagine. Print advertising agencies generally tend to have better connections, although this will of course vary with each company in question. Whether you’re involved in employee engagement strategies, like the ones Domus offers, or a print campaign for your next beauty product, many small important details can be forgotten if the advertising agency does not have the knowledge to do and not least experience from previous projects. Your site may not be optimized for a browser or responsive on tablets and mobile for instance.

Before talking to potential agencies you should also consider if your campaign is a one-time deal, or whether you’d be okay with a recurring retainer or similar arrangement, as many agencies prefer the latter option, and generally get better results, although it is more costly and committing to a long term deal is perhaps the only way to do business with some agencies out there.

Good hunting for the right agency.


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