When looking for a new WordPress hosting plan, you may have come across two unfamiliar words: managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting. These terminologies, per se, don’t really apply to the shared hosting environment – which in itself is governed by the hosting company – but are applicable on VPS’s (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated servers.

More often than not, a majority of website owners start off with the shared hosting plan; as in the start, shared hosting is more than enough to support a small site. Today we will discuss “managed WordPress hosting” and if it’s the right choice for you to make and upgrade to.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

In this article we will not discuss what Managed WordPress hosting is. To see that read this guide on purelythemes.com. We will see, however, the pros and cons of this type of hosting.

Let’s start off with the conspicuous positive first:

Your website will be much faster, reliable and secure, thanks to the fact that it’s not shared with other websites on the same system, which may end up creating clutter. Further, there would be an increased motley of management services to choose from, which would come preloaded with the plan.

There are some obvious negatives to it:

You are restricted to running just a WordPress website on it and nothing else – which is something quite understood from the name! On top of that, you may also be restricted with the choice of plugins that you can make, with some of them not gelling well with the server.

Another obvious disadvantage is the cost. Managed hosting requires the host to deploy more of their resources. This is going to be reflected at the price, which is not affordable by all. This is why companies like Liquidweb.com introduce promotional coupon codes. A reduced price allows private individuals, as well as small companies, on small hosting budget the test the product for a few months.

Introducing Managed WordPress Hosting Plans from LiquidWeb

Although many services could provide you with managed WordPress hosting, not all of them are cut from the same stone; hence, to make things the easier for you, I would want to recommend Liquid Web to you – A host that was established a good 20 years back and has garnered a lot of favorable reviews from its customers over the years.


There are benefits for web developers in the form of PHPMyAdmin and WP-CLI to access the website’s database. In addition to that, there is also a provision to access your website through SFTP and SSH. It is worth noting, though, that you may not be able to install everything on the server.

Liquidweb also provide you with Varnish caching layer, which could be easily disabled or enabled on a site by site basis on the hosting.

Cost and Liquidweb Promotional Codes

Although there is a noticeable difference in price for managed and unmanaged hosting, it’s all justified. Liquid Web provides you with managed plans that range from 119$ to 289$ per month; offer 300GB SSD, 5TB bandwidth and the option to host over 50 websites.

This is a steep price to pay, compared to unmanaged plans, or even compared to ordinary shared hosting. To get familiar and appreciate the product, you can try it at a reduced price using Liquid web coupon code WORDPRESS33. Visit Webhostingology.com for the latest offers.



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