Structured cabling divides the entire infrastructure that includes Cables and related hardware into manageable blocks and then attempts to integrate these blocks to produce the high-performance networks that can utilized seamlessly for future upgrades. In addition to investment protection, structured cabling also provides administrative and management capabilities.

Subsystems of a Structured Cabling System:

  • Horizontal cabling
  • Backbone cabling
  • Work area
  • Telecommunications rooms and enclosures
  • Equipment rooms
  • Entrance facility (building entrance)

All cables originating from the different work locations are terminated on a passive centralized cross-connect in the network room. Structured cabling is arguably the best and most cost-effective solution to a great and efficient networking system. Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards. The majority of structured cabling links are indoors, but cables will also need to run outside to link up buildings across a campus installation.

Indoor cables have to be of low flammability. The cable construction allowed for Copper Cable is twisted pairs or quads. At least eight conductors have to be in the cable, i.e. as in ‘four-pairs’. Copper cables can be either shielded or unshielded UTP. The choices of (copper) cable in the horizontal are Category 5, 6 or 7. Category 3 cable may be used for backbone telephone cabling. Cable systems have to be tested after installation to prove that they meet the standard they were procured against. With structured cabling, your network infrastructure will always be able to update in line with new technologies.

The design and implementation of a structured cabling infrastructure takes a lot of thought, and meticulous planning. Structured cabling system is fast becoming the norm for small, medium and large networks. Structured cabling standards will support almost any networking or voice application in use today. Cablify is a leading Structured Cabling company offering professional Data cabling in Toronto.



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