According to a Local SEO Agency in Toronto, Canada, in the path to consolidating a new business, there’s some tools technology has to offer that might give you an advantage if you know how to use them well.  Some of those are well known by now, but still, most people don’t know how to make the most of it, such as PPC and SEO. PPC is pretty much the most popular because it’s been a while since it started, and most of small stores and online businesses try it hard to get to know it well and use it perfectly without knowing is just a temporary solution. On the other hand, SEO has been gaining popularity in the last years, but using it too generally can end in no result for the interested parts.

That’s why this Local SEO Agency in Toronto, Canada named BIZ-NECESSITY is offering through their website a true solution for all small and medium stores and online businesses. But first, let’s explain and define a little bit those tools mentioned above.


PPC, as some might already know, stands for “Pay per click”, sometimes called CPC (Cost per click), and it’s a commonly used marketing tool. It works by displaying your advertisement on a site, and paying a fee every time that advertising has been clicked by a user. The truth is, that this is a way of buying some extra web traffic, instead of actually earning it. The self-called experts on PPC can say that the paid fee is nothing compared to the possible sells you can get from the visitors who clicked the ad.

What BIZ.NECESSITY, experts in Local SEO, wants to share with all business owners is that PPC is in fact not sustainable and temporary.  Especially with the amount of virus and fake advertisement, users are less likely to click on ads and go straight to the first results on search engines instead. That’s why organic search still owns around 75% of the clicks.


It stands for Search Engine Optimization, its goal it’s to improve your ranking on search engines. This means to boost the visibility of your site and/or services on the results of different search engines. These are called organic results, namely, unpaid search results. The way to achieve it is by using useful words and phrases which are relevant to people.

Local SEO

SEO is a more effective way to obtain visibility than PPC, it’s also free and remains available through time. Local SEO strategies are that BIZ-NECESSITY wants their clients to understand and use for better results and bigger sales. As it can be told by the name, it promotes services to local customers with a very targeted marketing, to show your information to the customers at the exact time they’re looking for it online. This works because users are looking for services near them, and you want to be there when that happens. Local SEO brings them to your specific niche, and finally, to your business, product or service.

Now, BIZ-NECESSITY, the Local SEO Agency in Toronto, Canada, offers to whoever needs it, the opportunity to invest in the true solution for getting more visibility. They evaluate the true potential of your company and how many possible buyers you’re losing. Their research shows that more than 50% of mobile searches have a local intent, and around 7 billion per month of Google search as well, like “dentist near me” or “plumbers in Dallas City”.

For BIZ-NECESSITY, there are four key factors to consider in which they can help you achieve your goal for more visibility and more customers. First of all, is Google, this Local SEO Agency will help you to develop a Google My Business profile, a great tool to obtain better results on online search. Secondly, it’s important to put your business in an Online Directory such as Yelp, Superpages, and Foursquare, BIZ-NECESSITY can handle and take care of all the process to get you out there.

The third factor is a Competitor Analysis, the best part is that this Local SEO Agency, won’t work with any of your competitors within 30km of you for 6 months, and will analyze their effort and give you the tools to gain even more local web traffic. Finally, but not less important or relevant, they help you improve the basic SEO strategies, like keyword relevance, site map, title/meta tags and so on.

They handle, manage and optimize the whole process to help small and medium business.


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