For many developers out there, it can be a daunting task to begin offering online webinars or courses on popular sites such as Udemy, or on your own personal stores. But with the current trends in the market, there’s a great potential for clients as establishing oneself as an authority through video, conferences, courses and similar events are among the best out there. For businesses as well as individuals, part of the marketing repetoire could therefore be focused on A/V content designed to attract new business, and maintain existing clients.

Here’s some tips of what to look for when hiring Audio Visual Equipment on the Gold Coast of Australia by Supersonic Hire, and it will be applicable to both private settings or corporate conferences, you choose.

When hiring sound and lighting equipment such as speakers, pa equipment, microphones and party lights it is absolutely essential that you do the appropriate research before you hire.

Here at Supersonic Hire we recommend that you always ensure that any sound and lighting hire company you hire has public liability insurance and has all of their power cables tagged and tested. This is absolutely essential to ensure appropriate venue safety. At Supersonic Hire, we can help with the rental of many types of audio equipment.

It can be anything from equipment you need for a complete event with live band/DJ for microphone setup, for example. Meetings, concerts, events, fairs or anything else. You may also want to use an ordinary audio system with two speakers for a party that connects to an ipod/PC. We can assist with many different solutions, and also staff the equipment with technician, Setup and DJs.

If you are looking at hiring sound and lighting gear in the Gold Coast, be sure to check out our website at to check out our huge range of speakers, microphones, Party lights and much more!


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