What is your definition of a successful career? Is material wealth really everything in life? How important is it to find a work-life balance?

In the recent years, there has been a constant debate about these questions. A lot of people are deciding to shun their 9-5 lives as they no longer wish to chase buses and race against time for jobs they hate.

Some people are content with their ordinary, safe lives. Which is fine, I suppose. After all, safe is good, safe is secure. Safe pays the bills, safe keeps criticism at bay.

But some people want more. They want their lives to excite them. They want their lives to give them such an adrenaline rush that they can almost hear their heartbeats. In short, they want more than this provincial life. They want their work to act as a labor of love for them.

Here are some things to ponder when trying to find a career you love:

  1. Know Who You Are: 

All my life, my biggest fear was to be a part of the band-wagon. I did not want to end up like everyone else and do what everyone else was doing.

Although my grades at college were fairly great, one thing I did realize that we live in the genetic era, grades were not everything. I will never say grades don’t matter because that’s utterly nonsensical. Grades help you to take your next big step which helps you land up at a better place than you were yesterday.

That is it! It doesn’t dictate your entire life, but it does help. But along with grades what matters most are skills. There are lots of people with excellent GPAs and have done great at standardized tests. Maybe you have too. But what sets you apart? What gives you that edge over everyone else?

Your skills are what set you apart. Know your strengths and weaknesses. No one is really great at everything.  Keep a notebook and keep tabs on yourself. List down what you’re good at and you absolutely suck at. Don’t be afraid to evaluate yourself.

  1. Work to Improve Yourself: 

Amend your attitude, amend your thought process. No matter how perfect you think you are, there is always room for some improvement. Don’t remain static thinking you know everything, stagnating your personal growth in the process.  Always seek to do more, be more.

After you make that note about yourself, try to work on it. Not just the bad ones, but even the good ones. Yes, it’s possible to get worse, but it is also possible to be better at something. You don’t have to burn yourself out, but try your best to be a well-rounded person.

In today’s world, no one is really distinguished. We have to responsible for ourselves and everything around us. We have to work for ourselves and our communities for a better world tomorrow.

One of my greatest strengths is resilience. If life knocks me down, it doesn’t take long for me to get back up and running. Have some humility and know what you need to do to improve yourself.

  1. Network! Network! Network!

You might be a wallflower and hate the sight and feel of people. But if you want to be successful, that too in today’s world, you cannot afford to be a social recluse

Remember, people are your strongest assets. Everything about the world right now is very uncertain. Nothing is ever enough anymore. Not your grades, not your skills, not your perseverance.

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time can take you places. So, it’s very important to be connected. Find connections from wherever you can. Whatever, is that you wish to do, try finding similar, established people in that field through social media apps or other courses and hit them up.

At least, send them a curriculum vitae and a cover letter stating what you aspire to do in your life and career. Do enough research to convince them in a succinct manner that you care and you want this!

  1. What Is It That You Truly Love?

This is a very silly question to ask yourself, put a darn important one too. People are so passionate about so many things, but are all passions feasible enough to turn into jobs?

Confuscious once said, “Do what you love and you never have to work a day.” Presuming out what you truly “love” so much that you are willing to do it every day is the hardest task in itself. But, give it time. Figure out how much you really enjoy it.

Sometimes, people wear out of their passion due to working too much on it, so make sure if this passion of yours will make you happier in the long run and ensure you a quality work-life balance. This is absolutely vital to continue to love what you do.

Sometimes, for your passion, you might have to let go of sound remuneration. Don’t be afraid to do that. If you can afford a cut in the paycheck, don’t be afraid to try for an internship or apprenticeship.

If you want a better payment, you can also find your way at some part-time jobs with some startups or small businesses. You gain a remarkable amount of knowledge working in these sectors as they train their employees all the way from the bottom. Whatever you do, just be honest with yourself.

  1. Don’t Fear The Transition: 

Of course, life is not a bed of roses. Every career has risks attached to it and more than talent, you need grit and perseverance to excel.

If you are unsure about things and in need of some adult supervision, try and seek out a mentor. Find someone who is positive and has been in your position before and take their advice seriously.

You have to fall several times over, to rise above the ashes and stand up in your own two feet. Do not lead your life in fear. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

In Conclusion 

Failure is the pillar of success.” Even though this phrase has become exceedingly clichéd over the years but there is still a lot of truth to these words. There is no reason why you shouldn’t strive to achieve your dreams. Be realistic, but never stop dreaming!


This article has been contributed by Shawn on behalf of FeedFond. He’s a tech enthusiast and loves to ponder about life. Check out more of his writings at FeedFond.com


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