There are many advantages to offering promo codes for your customers. Whether you run a Shopify store, or use a WooCommerce or WordPress store, the benefits are plenty, and you have many options to choose from. So where do you start?

Today we’re diving into the various ways that you can use coupon codes that allow your customers to save money, and boost your sales at the same time. There are certain techniques you can use to minimize the costs, and ways to ensure the overall investment pays itself back many times over.

The classic coupons

We’ve probably all encountered the traditional coupon code, where we get a fixed amount of savings on our next purchase. They have been around for a long time because they work, and in fact most successful Shopify stores actually use this method as part of their marketing strategy.

People love to save money and get a good deal, and by designing coupons with an easy to understand discount, it becomes more attractive to pull the trigger and actually buy the item. Sometimes less is more, and by keeping your promo codes easy to use, you can maximize the potential amount of people participating.

The advanced promo codes

While a classic coupon code might well work, according to, there are benefits to using more modern approaches as well. For starters, most people have become used to seeing coupon codes, and not everyone gets excited about the basic ones in 2022.

By implementing promo codes as part of a larger campaign or social media effort, it becomes possible to track user statistics, and implement the data into your overall strategy. If you are distributing online promo codes to various affiliates or through different advertising channels, it can be important to differentiate between the various channels of traffic.

You can easily create unique and interesting promo codes in Shopify or WordPress, which will allow you to see exactly what marketing trick works the best in obtaining customers. Keeping track of this data will allow you to grow your revenue over time like few others methods will.

Display a coupon code on the store itself

Some store owners always have various coupon codes readily available on their own store page, as the psychological impact of getting a discount can improve conversion rates significantly. The more traffic you have, the easier it becomes to offset the unrealized profits from the discount, by slightly improving the conversion percentage.

Allow discounts on certain products only

Another popular method, is to allow coupon codes to be used on conjunction with another purchase, or only apply to certain categories. This can be great if you have surplus inventory that you wish to get rid of in a hurry, or it can work well as an up-sell technique, where you offer promo codes for accessories to go along with the main purchase.


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