Humanity has never experienced such a rate of technological development as we are facing now. Virtually every possible sphere of human life is becoming in some way technology-dependent.

Indeed, in the past few decades alone, technology has brought more improvements to medicine, industry, agriculture and education than any other epoch in human history. And this is only the beginning of drastic change with AI leading the way.

The Dramatic Future Technologies That Will Change Our World

Here are the most prominent discoveries that are bound to shape a better future world:

  1. Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is self-reliant software which has a potential to be used in all of the spheres of human life. The nearest future will see self-driving vehicles in the streets, which will significantly reduce vehicle-related deaths and eliminate human error. Delivery drones will also be widely popular in a few years’ time. In a farther future, we will see intelligent operating systems and human-like robots that will be able to perform human functions like working in hotels and restaurants, cleaning streets and helping around the house.
  2. 3D printing. 3D printing is predicted to have a huge impact in many spheres of life, the most important of which is medicine. Organ and tissue printing will eliminate donor lists, and terminally ill people will not be doomed to die because they cannot get up the recipients list.
  3. Gene editing. The recent discovery of CRISPR technology allows us to eliminate some genes within a chromosome and replace them with other genes. This technology is really powerful in terms of eliminating disease and genetic predisposition to illness and deviant behavior. It can also allow parents to choose their child’s skin tone, eye color and ear shape. Along with artificial intelligence, CRISPR is also one of the most controversial and potentially dangerous technologies nowadays.
  4. Cryptocurrencies. Simply speaking, cryptocurrencies provide a safe, secure, anonymous way of paying money. They exist only online, and cannot be forfeited or stolen. This is a new word in global economy and finance which has a potential of changing the global financial market forever.

All in all, even though there is no progress without sacrifice, and some technologies may hold potential dangers and drawbacks, the rapid technological development is ultimately bound to change people’s lives for the better. Thus, it must be financed and sustained in every possible way.


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