There are a number of universities and institutions these days that offer online degree programs in different domains. The most demanded domain of education these days is an online degree program in Information Technology. However, finding a top notch university out of a number of universities is a hassle too. We will guide you through the best online universities in our post “Where to pursue the best online degree in IT?” where you can find the list of universities and institutions that offer best online degree in Information Technology and Get Information Technology Jobs and Descriptions.

With the increase of technology, education in information technology offers a number of jobs in information technology. The online degree in Information Technology offer a number of respectable and highly paid jobs. The following statistical data shows the salary of people who specialize in Information Technology and work in field similar to that, i.e. Computer Sciences. According to the United States of America’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the computer support specialists, who share many responsibilities with IT specialists, could expect an increase of 12% in job opportunities from 2014-2024. Similarly, network and systems administrators could expect an increase of 8% during the time period of 2014 to 2024. In May 2015, the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reported a median salary for network and computer systems administrators of $77,810 per year, which is way better than most jobs pay.

Besides, training for an Information Technology specialist can range from a few months in a certificate program to a doctoral degree. A majority of information technology specialists have completed a bachelor’s degree program or higher, according to the United States of America, Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Information technology specialists are required to earn a certification on particular systems or technologies used regularly such as; Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft and other certifications for their IT products. 3 levels for the Certified Information Technology Specialist credential are offered through The Open Group and are independent of any software vendor or hardware manufacturer. According to the United States of America, Census Bureau the other requirements for information technology specialists might include training and experience in communication systems and networks, Internet and intranet development, data encryption and security. Moreover, the Information Technology specialists are also expected to have a firm grasp of several programming languages, as well as experience dealing with a range of software and hardware types. The computer science, information science, engineering, and operation research are all majors that may lead to a career as an information technology specialist. The Information Technology specialists can demonstrate proficiency in particular areas by completing professional certification programs.

The Information Technology specialists not only limit their employment opportunities with the technology companies but the information technology (IT) specialists can work with any businesses, agencies, companies or organizations that use technology or manage large amounts of information. Regardless of the sector they work in, Information Technology specialists usually provide similar services related to software, hardware, databases, Web resources, networks and enterprise systems.

Here is the list of Information Technology job titles:

  1. Application Developer
  2. Application Support Analyst
  3. Applications Engineer
  4. Associate Developer
  5. Chief Information Officer
  6. Chief Technology Officer
  7. Cloud Architect
  8. Cloud Consultant
  9. Cloud Product and Project Manager
  10. Cloud Services Developer
  11. Cloud Software and Network Engineer
  12. Cloud System Administrator
  13. Cloud System Engineer
  14. Computer and Information Research Scientist
  15. Computer and Information Systems Manager
  16. Computer Network Architect
  17. Computer Programmer
  18. Computer Systems Analyst
  19. Computer Systems Manager
  20. Customer Support Administrator
  21. Customer Support Specialist
  22. Data Center Support Specialist
  23. Data Quality Manager
  24. Database Administrator
  25. Desktop Support Manager
  26. Desktop Support Specialist
  27. Developer
  28. Director of Technology
  29. Front End Developer
  30. Help Desk Specialist
  31. Help Desk Technician
  32. IT Analyst
  33. IT Coordinator
  34. IT Director
  35. IT Manager
  36. IT Support Manager
  37. IT Support Specialist
  38. IT Systems Administrator
  39. Java Developer
  40. Junior Software Engineer
  41. Management Information Systems Director
  42. .NET Developer
  43. Network Administrator
  44. Network Architect
  45. Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  46. Network Engineer
  47. Network Systems Administrator
  48. Programmer
  49. Programmer Analyst
  50. Security Specialist
  51. Senior Applications Engineer
  52. Senior Database Administrator
  53. Senior Network Architect
  54. Senior Network Engineer
  55. Senior Network System Administrator
  56. Senior Programmer
  57. Senior Programmer Analyst
  58. Senior Security Specialist
  59. Senior Software Engineer
  60. Senior Support Specialist
  61. Senior System Administrator
  62. Senior System Analyst
  63. Senior System Architect
  64. Senior System Designer
  65. Senior Systems Analyst
  66. Senior Systems Software Engineer
  67. Senior Web Administrator
  68. Senior Web Developer
  69. Software Architect
  70. Software Developer
  71. Software Engineer
  72. Software Quality Assurance Analyst
  73. Support Specialist
  74. System Architect
  75. Systems Administrator
  76. Systems Analyst
  77. Systems Designer
  78. Systems Software Engineer​
  79. Technical Operations Officer
  80. Technical Specialist
  81. Technical Support Engineer
  82. Technical Support Specialist
  83. Telecommunications Specialist
  84. Web Administrator
  85. Web Developer
  86. Webmaster

Following are the responsibilities of an individual who works in Information Technology field:

  1. Providing the Information Technology support, training, and orientation for new technology users
  2. Offering troubleshooting, support, and repairing when Information Technology equipment or networks malfunction
  3. Providing phone, live chat, or in-person support, depending on the organization’s scope
  4. Asking directed questions regarding equipment and networks to assess Information Technology issues
  5. Following scripts to provide effective and well-tested support
  6. Walking the clients through solutions to solve problems and directs questions to supervisors or specialists when necessary
  7. Demonstrating great customer service skills, listens carefully, and exercises patience
  8. Documenting daily tasks, training, and support sessions to inform the department and organization better regarding Information Technology support needs
  9. Maintaining records of hardware and software inventory
  10. Assisting with maintaining information security through controlled hardware or software installation and staff education
  11. Working with a team of installation, network, security, and support specialists
  12. Following emergency plans for equipment, power, or security failures when necessary and protects data and security
  13. Specializing in Information Technology support for a particular industry, such as wireless technology, healthcare, or finance
  14. Advancing the knowledge of current technology and support solutions by attending workshops and continuing education courses
  15. Staying updated regarding new technology through industry news
  16. Designing, operation or maintenance of technology products
  17. Network management
  18. Software development
  19. Database administration
  20. Information security
  21. Artificial intelligence
  22. Providing technical support to a business or an organization’s employees
  23. Training the non-technical workers on the business’s information systems
  24. Designing the systems
  25. Assessing the effectiveness of technology resources already in use or new systems
  26. Determining the practicality of changes and modification of systems
  27. Working with external partners including consultants, agencies and vendors.


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