Writing a scientific research paper is the key task of a graduate student because after graduation he must submit his work to the defense before the dissertation committee.

According to statistics, 30-50% of applicants do not reach the stage of defense, leaving the institution without completing the training. This is due to several difficulties that young scientists have to face in the process of work.

Who needs a Ph.D. dissertation and why?

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Writing thesis papers on a wide variety of subjects. By scientific work, the applicant confirms his qualifications in the studied area. Without his protection, it is impossible to move to a new stage of development in the field of science. Often, not only young scientists who plan to connect their lives with scientific activity but also various organizations who need to solve important scientific problems for a successful business, resort to creating a manuscript.

Obtaining a Ph.D. degree is useful for applicants to meet various needs:

  1. The recognition of the works of a young scientist by an authoritative scientific community is considered the highest form of self-realization.
  2. The people of science who have confirmed their knowledge and experience by defending a dissertation are treated with respect and reverence.
  3. Candidates and doctors of science earn more than researchers without a degree, they are more likely to find a decent job in qualification.
  4. The opportunity to become a significant part in the scientific world, regularly attend conferences, seminars, meet people.

The structure of scientific work.

The dissertation is written in strict accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission. Regardless of the direction of research, the level of scientific work, the standards for writing it are identical. The compilation of the introduction must be approached extremely responsibly, in this section it is necessary to briefly justify what is the peculiarity, interest, and usefulness of scientific work and Write my Capstone Project. To do this:

  • indicate the relevance and practical value of the investigated problem;
  • describe the topic, evaluate the level of its development;
  • determine the main goal and objectives of the dissertation;
  • define the object or process being studied;
  • briefly describe the essence of the future project;
  • mark provisions useful for upcoming protection;
  • indicate the prospects for practical application and testing of the results.

In detail, the structure of the dissertation should look like this:

  • title page;
  • table of contents and contents;
  • list of abbreviations, if applied in the text;
  • introduction (usually takes 2-7 pages);
  • the main part (contains an average of 4-5 sections);
  • conclusion (optional, but very desirable);
  • conclusions (should correspond to the tasks listed in the introduction);
  • practical recommendations (if any);
  • list of literary sources;
  • applications where they indicate information that is not included in the main sections, acts of implementation, copyright certificates (if any).

When writing the main part there are no exact instructions, you need to be guided by the direction of research. In general, recommendations for writing dissertation chapters look like this:

  1. The first chapter is a literary review and analysis of the sources studied on the topic of work, ranging from 20 to 40 pages. It is convenient to finish the first chapter by setting the goal and objectives of the upcoming studies.
  2. The second chapter implies a description of the working method withy best content writing services, its volume is about 10 pages.
  3. The third chapter contains the results of the tests, it is the largest and can take up to 90 pages.
  4. The fourth chapter is necessary for analyzing the data obtained, comparing your results with the results of other researchers on the same topic. The average volume of a section is 20-30 pages.

According to the standard, the entire volume of the dissertation is from 120 to 150 pages.

What is needed to write and defend a dissertation?

Before writing a dissertation himself and quickly, a graduate student must clearly understand in which direction he wants to work. Selecting a topic is a crucial step that determines the entire course of the applicant’s further actions. The topic should be interesting for a young scientist, relevant to science as a whole, feasible for research. The title of the manuscript should be concrete, without common phrases, it should reflect the whole essence of the research work. The correct setting of goals and objectives of the study significantly speeds up the process of writing work. The goal should be one for the whole manuscript, repeat the name of the work, combine the problem, and the results of its solution. About the formulation of the tasks of the dissertation, there are no strict requirements. By default, the number of tasks is equal to the number of chapters of the candidate, while:

  • the first task reveals the problem of research, includes an analysis of literary sources;
  • the second – shows possible solutions to the problem, choosing the best way;
  • the third – reflects ongoing practical experiments and provides an example of a solution to the problem.

In addition to writing a dissertation, each applicant should know that for a successful defense several requirements must be met :

  1. To write an abstract is a scientific work repeating the structure of a dissertation, only in a concise form.
  2. To draw up the provisions to be defended – briefly summarized research results in the form of abstracts, 5-6 pieces are enough, most often members of the Write my  dissertation commission read only this section.
  3. Participate in conferences – such events are useful for future candidates, looking at the speeches of other researchers, it is easier to understand what is expected and expected of you, and you can also make useful contacts at conferences.
  4. To write articles – for the defense of a candidate, it is necessary to publish 3-5 scientific articles on the topic of research, at least one of them should be included in the journal from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.
  5. Choose opponents – often the supervisor appoints graduate students to your opponents, but if you were quite active in writing the work, you may have met reputable scientists who are engaged in Write my Term Paper in a direction similar to yours.

Motivation to write a candidate.

Before you write a dissertation yourself and quickly, you need to understand why you need it. Candidate’s work is the same research work as a master’s, but with a deeper study of the material and thorough experimentation. Writing a scientific work pursues one goal – to show that the applicant is competent in questions of the problem under study.  A couple of dozen scientists will look at the abstract, a hundred – its first few pages.

Most researchers will read the following sections:

  • introduction;
  • scientific novelty;
  • provisions to be defended;
  • list of published works, both individual and co-authored.

These sections need close attention.

Time management when writing a dissertation.

To write a dissertation, the applicant is given 3 years of postgraduate study, but often the researcher has to spend much more time creating a research paper. This is due to the incorrect organization of their time for Write my  Narrative Essay. A well-organized schedule of a graduate student also helps to organize time. Effective time management is crucial for a graduate student who wants to write a dissertation himself and quickly. Solve the tasks by the approved plan and notice how much you are doing while there is free time.

Five common mistakes in writing a dissertation.

Writing a Ph.D. requires considerable expenses in intellectual and physical resources. Try not to waste time and energy on narrowly focused  Research Paper topics that are of no interest to anyone and will lose their relevance before you finish working on the text.

  1. The next common mistake is that the author does not compare his work with competitors. In 9 out of 10 theses, there is a tendency of insufficient analysis and comparison of the proposed way to solve the problem with existing analogs.
  2. Often, graduate students in their work are afraid to admit that the method for solving the problem has limitations.
  3. It is real to protect the manuscript in the presence of the errors described above, but there is a problem that automatically refuses to submit a dissertation for protection – this does not correspond to the passport of the specialty.
  4. Also, it is important to avoid plagiarism. In the modern world, almost everyone knows how to use the Internet and programs to identify elements of copying someone else’s text.


No need to set super-tasks, to exert excessive efforts, otherwise you can quickly run out of steam, lose interest in conducting research. Follow all the requirements more often appear in the circles of scientific communities to make useful acquaintances, find like-minded people, adopt experience and knowledge from reputable scientists. Then, not only writing but also defending the dissertation will be easy and painless.

Even if, having received the candidate’s degree, you decide not to connect your life with science, the experience gained will be useful in other areas of life. The ability to set goals, formulate tasks, and find solutions to problems will help achieve success in any direction.



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