Doctors tend to follow us throughout our life. They are around when we are born, when our teeth hurt, and we rely on them heavily when accidents happen. But what kinds of doctors are there actually? And what does the typical hierarchy look like in a hospital on a day to day basis?

If you are considering studying a medical profession, and are unsure of what route to take, if you are researching for your new screenplay or book, or if you are just curious, then keep on reading because we’re going to go through a list of the most common types of doctors and medical professionals around. Enjoy!

A typical hospital structure

Not all doctors work at hospitals, and not all doctors working in a hospital are the same. If you are interested in learning more about the medical doctor hierarchy, we advise you to click the link for more information, or find your own sources elsewhere.

Most if not all doctors at any given hospital have certain duties they perform. In general the hospital also has managers, custodians, cleaners and many other functions in order to run the place safely and efficiently.

Emergency Physician

The emergency physician is often the first or second person to treat people who have been in an emergency or serious accident. The other person being the potential EMT who drove the ambulance. These doctors are trained to handle these situations well and calmly, and require a steady hand and heart.

General practitioner

Most people in the western world are assigned a general practitioner. These are typically the first person to contact when experiencing pain, symptoms of illness and other conditions that are not immediately threatening.

Highly valuable to the local communities in which they operate, general practitioners tend to run their own clinic, with just one or two doctors in more rural areas, while it is not uncommon for groups of general practitioners to band together in more urban areas on larger clinics.


Gynecologists are specialized doctors with a focus on women’s reproductive systems. Most women visit their gynecologist on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy body. They are also able to help prescribe birth control, as well as guide and instruct in proper care and safety, and they can be found in some hospitals, private clinics and more.


Humans have a complex nervous system, and neurologists are specialized in treating disorders and diagnosing conditions dealing with the nervous system in one way or another. From looking at how the brain functions, to treating spinal cord issues, there are many areas and pathways to consider in this field.


These days most hospitals have pediatricians on staff to handle any child related accidents and emergencies, but they can also be found running or working in their own clinics, especially in more rural areas.

Contrary to popular belief, pediatricians often work with children all throughout their teenage years, and not just with infants or young children. These doctors are typically not only trained in physical care, but can also be trained to look out for behavioral issues and similar things.


One of the more challenging jobs in any hospital has to be that of the surgeon. Their steady hand will guide the sharp scalpel, as it opens up the patient to reveal the root of the medical condition.

Surgeons are one of the highest paid medical professions, but the job also requires a sound mind, a steady hand and a strong willed mind. People who are prone to stress should consider another route, as this job can be extremely mentally taxing.

Signing off

While we have only just begun to scrape the surface with the few professions we mentioned, we still hope that we managed to provide an overview of some of the most common jobs, and if you think we should cover any other professions, feel free to leave a comment below!


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