Along with time Google is getting mature and it is getting difficult to get higher positions in Google. Keyword Ranking in 2018 will be difficult if you do not apply the strategy correctly.

There are 2 types of strategies On-Page and Off-Page but in this article, I am going to explain you the On-Page strategy.

On-Page Strategy to Rank Keywords:

You must follow the following steps.

1. Keyword in Title Tag

It is recommended that you use your focus keyword in the beginning of your title and make your title look charming. So, people click on your link to read your article. Even if your article is of high quality but if you use boring title than very few people click on it.

As in the picture you can see that the title begins with the focus keyword, SEO Guide, So, you also must do the same while writing titles.

2. Keyword in the Description

Adding your keywords in the description is also very important. This is not a big ranking factor but still helps in understanding Google about the topic of your article. Do not use your keyword more than once both in Title and Description.

3. Keyword in the First Paragraph

Use your focus keyword at least one time in the first paragraph of your article. And if your first paragraph is too long then try to add your keyword in the first 100 words. This also helps in Google understanding properly on which topic your article is.

4. Keyword Density

As I have forced on keywords, so it does not mean that you fill up your article with keywords. Doing so result in the penalty. So, there is a specific keyword density that you should use. For each 100 words you can use your key phrase only 1 time.

Understand it like that, if your article length is 500 words than you are not allowed to use it more than 5 times. And try to add them naturally where they make sense.

5. Keyword in the Images

To make the articles look beautiful you must add media like images and videos. When you add images, there is an option of ALT section in them where you must add your focus keyword.

Wrapping it Up!

This is how the on-page strategy works but there is also an Off-Page strategy which helps more than 50% in ranking keywords. Along with on page you also have to learn off page strategy for good and quick results.


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