At Platinum Painting we always get asked what the correct type of paint is for their individual situation. Well, as one of the leading painting Sydney companies, we are here to share our wisdom! 

We aren’t just talking about the right colour for your space, but instead the actual type of paint (which includes the colour as one of the factors). You may be thinking, “there is more than one type of paint?!”. Yes there is, and quite frankly it can get really confusing to pick one, especially if you don’t know what you are supposed to be looking for.

Have a look below at the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you make the final decision on paint choice:

  1. How much activity will take place in the room?

The walls in high activity rooms (such as the hallway) are likely to see the most damage (such as marks and scraps). In order to keep the walls looking as good as possible you should try to choose high gloss or semi-gloss paint. This paint in particular has a higher resistance level to stains. As well as this, by using this paint it becomes a lot easier to clean.

  1. Can you stand the paint smell?

Paint smell is a temporary issue but this is still impacts your decision choice. Some people tend to be more sensitive to paint smell than others. If this is you, it is recommended that you choose a water-based latex paint. These paints tend to have little to no odour compared to that of any paints that are oil-based. On top of this, latex paints are usually easier to clean up.

  1. Do you want the room to look bigger or smaller?

The colour of paint helps to give the room a bigger or smaller feel. Most of the time you are looking to make the room look bigger. You can change the perception of a room by choosing the correct colour of paint. When painting it is recommended that you choose lighter colour paints, it makes the space feel more spacious.

  1. How much time do you have?

Most people tend to have limited time to paint. If this is you then you should choose a paint and primer sort of paint. This type of paint basically works like two coats in one. This means you probably won’t have to apply coat after coat. But don’t worry if you still don’t think you’ll have enough time. There are plenty of professional and commercial painting companies in Sydney that would happily take the task off your hands.

  1. What is the type of mood you are looking to create?

The colour of paint will certainly create a different type of mood. So make sure you stop and have a good think about the mood you want to produce for you home. Colour selection is very important and it is recommended for the bulk of painting you stick with neutral colours while also adding pops of feature colours.

Platinum Painting is one of the leading painting companies in Sydney. We take immense pride in our work as well as our customer service. We offer services for residential, strata and commercial painting. So whatever wall needs to be painted, we are the team for the job!


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