Online marketing is an area in which billions of dollars are being spent every year, and for good reason. But there are many different branches of online marketing, and the market is incredibly wide and covers many different subjects. Today we’re going through the most effective ones, the ones we recommend you to focus on:

Google Adwords / Shopping

Google Adwords and Shopping are paid ads. The ad itself is highly customizable, and every time a user clicks on your ads a small fee is charged. Ads can appear in search results when people google specific keywords or they can appear on Google’s huge display network. Google also allows remarketing for people who have already visited your website. However, it is important to be incredibly quality-focused when making these ads, and always having the user’s experience as the highest priority. Google always rewards the good advertisers and punishes the bad ones with Quality Score and other measures. At worst, one’s ads can be thrown out of Google, so stick to their guidelines.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is called, deals with how well a given website ranks on popular search engines such as Google and others. By ranking well on your select keywords that are most profitable and relevant to your website and business, a passive stream of website traffic that converts into sales can be achieved. The world of SEO Services is a great deal of many things, from HTML to Links, to Local Citations. It’s about building the website in the “best way for both the user and the search engines.” And when done right, both parties should easily find the information they need, and speedily too.

This means that the website must both load quickly, have a well planned structure, and not have dead links or other errors to throw the robots off their track. The page must also have content that is unique and relevant to the keywords you want to rank on (users hate pages with minimal or no content at all). Meta title / description should also make sense to users, as it is the first they see in the search results, and the page should be in-depth links from other relevant pages.

Social Media

Marketing on social media, such as Facebook, works a bit like Google. The difference lies first in the settlement method. Facebook settles for a CPM model. So instead of paying for each individual click, you provide Facebook with payment per 1000 pageviews. So you have to pay when people see your ad, whether they click on your page or not. It is therefore incredibly important that you focus on narrowing down your audience to the core as much as possible, when you start setting up their Facebook ads, thereby avoiding spending too much money on ads that never get clicked.

If you are about to launch your online marketing campaign, it is important that you focus on all the elements of online marketing, rather than just one of them. None of them can stand alone and everyone plays together and affects each other.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, or marketing through content, has sort of grown out of both traditional marketing as well as the world of SEO. With a solid content marketing strategy, content is made useful and attracts interest in the target audience. Content marketing not only creates trust but also brand preference and brand awareness at the consumer end of the spectrum. This makes the decision-making route for a final sale shorter, and more likely to occur since all the information the customer needs has already been presented for him or her.

Content marketing also helps in relation to SEO as it brings the user into focus by delivering the content they want, and can help build an online presence. In addition, each article works as a landing page that can rank on selected keywords and bring even more traffic to the page.



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