APIs are great at delivering data, and lots of it, fast. They’re used in cooking recipes, in maps, AI/machine learning information and nearly every category of human life. With the demand for data always increasing, APIs are the highways that connect apps and services to their users. With all this data, it might seem strange to think that selling API data would be difficult. But that’s exactly the case. Much like any website, you need to market the API when you’re in an endless sea of information and technology.

Marketing is key

You may have an awesome API, but if you cannot market it you cannot make money. From experience it seems that API developers are great at putting the data together and delivering it, but they’re not so great at marketing their API. For marketing, you need to spend just as much time marketing the app as you spend developing it, not to mention the heavy costs. So what solutions are there for API developers to help market their APIs? The answer lies in an API marketplace called Dcoderr.

How can Dcoderr help?

Dcoderr allows users to buy APIs from its marketplace and drives customers to it through collective marketing. What is collective marketing? Collective marketing allows Dcoderr to tap into many different channels of media on the Internet and offline. By promoting the marketplace, it attracts customers who are looking for API solutions and data to the APIs it hosts. These APIs are owned by the API developers/sellers and this eases their load of having to market themselves. Basically, list your API and forget about it as Dcoderr does all the marketing for you.

How can I get to Dcoderr?

You can visit dcoderr.com and checkout the new marketplace. You’re welcome to sell your API if you have one or buy one that you like. It’s totally up to you. It’s free to sign up and you can browse at your leisure. 


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