If you haven’t given it much thought so far, now is the right time to consider this idea. Small businesses don’t have it easy in the first couple of years, not to mention the notorious first year in which most of the businesses fail miserably. But, let’s not dwell on the depressing statistics that only 40% of the businesses remain in the game, but rather see how recycling ink cartridges can beneficial for your situation.

First of all, it’s a must. We’re not talking about responsibility towards the environment, but the fact that millennials, who are slowly becoming the most numerous consumer group, pay great attention to what is happening to the environment. Today it’s not just about your products, but it’s also about doing something for nature conservation. Every business has to be involved in some kind of environment preservation activity if they are to survive in the market.

As a result of recycling, your brand can gain new followers. Try to educate your surrounding about all the bad things which can happen unless you recycle ink cartridges. You need to have something to stand out from the competition, and recycling ink cartridges is often overlooked. The figures speak for themselves with  375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are wasted annually. Globally, only 30% of them are recycled properly, which means 350 million end up in landfills. If that doesn’t ring a bell, you should explain to your clients they should imagine 70 Olympic sized pools full of oil, because that is exactly what we are adding to if we don’t recycle properly. Australians are doing their fair share in polluting the environment, with 45% of them tossing away the plastic after use. Inform your niche about this and other facts about the Aussie way of (not) recycling, and we’re positive you’ll make quite an impact.

As well as that, there is one more excellent reason why you should start collecting and recycling empty cartridges, and that is one of your the main motives for doing business; earning money. Indeed, you can gain quite a hefty sum if you connect with the right recycling companies. They will be only too happy to collect them. You would be doing something good for the environment, the community, the nature, as well as your bank account.

Nevertheless, there is a chance you could wake up intrigue and people might start wondering why should I keep bringing my their empty cartridges to you, instead of earning a few bucks myself? This is where your philanthropy kicks in. A decent part of your ink cartridge revenue should go to a charity. Decide on one project which you feel is either in most need or you feel strongly connected to, and make it widely known that the money from recycling is going to be put to good use. Such an act can go a long way to further strengthen and improve your brand even more.

Finally, a word or two about the environment. We have already mentioned the impact of not recycling, but let’s develop the matter further. It takes from 450 to 1,000 years for a cartridge to decompose, which practically means they’re stuck in the earth for good. Even more worryingly, the remains of the toner are carcinogenic. If you are of the opinion that this does not affect you and that you’re safe, think twice, you may not be aware just how easily substances such as this one gets into our drinking water systems. Recycling cartridges will protect water, timber, minerals and oil since less raw materials will be needed.

As you can see, there are plenty of perfectly good reasons to start recycling ink cartridges this instant. Decide on the strategy and start collecting cartridges, let this be your way of giving back to the community and nature. Not only will you be doing a good deed, but your brand will become more recognizable, which could ultimately and positively impact on your revenue.



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