Cellular blinds or honeycomb blinds are often described as the superior window covering. This is mainly due to the uniqueness is their design that allows for aspects and attributes that other blinds cannot functionally achieve. They are different not because they allow you great phone reception, but rather because they function by having a cell shape gap in the middle of each ‘slat’ that allow for better insulation, light penetration, privacy  and other things too.

Here are the 5 benefits of cellular Blinds:

1. Great Insulators
Glass windows are really bad insulators. In summer they let in extra heat that you don’t want and in winter they let in cold that you don’t want. It’s like a win-win, but instead it’s the opposite; a lose-lose. Due to the design of the cellular blinds they are amazing at trapping heat in their air gaps, allowing the closed blind to function as an extra layer of warmth. Also they are great at preventing heat from transferring in or out of the window, meaning that the desired temperature of the house isn’t battling against windows to remain where it is.

2. Energy Efficient
Greater insulation leads to greater energy efficiency and this is one of their most distinct differences from other blinds. As the blinds are functioning as blankets, protecting the house from undesired heat transferal the amount of energy saved by installing can be surprisingly high. Furthermore due to their energy saving properties, some nations have made them tax deductible as they have such a noticeable environmental impact. The blinds come in single, double and triple celled options, with the more cells provided, the more insulation and energy efficiency you will have in return.

3. Maximum Privacy
Have you ever been doing something in your house, not anything embarrassing or weird, just an everyday activity, like folding laundry or eating a sandwich, then noticed that someone is looking at you through the window? It’s wrong, you feel violated, people shouldn’t be able to look into your home and see you doing stuff. Well cellular blinds don’t play that, they are known for making it impossible for stray on-lookers and noisy neighbours from peeping into your house. This is most effective with a triple-celled design as it provides extra layers of fabric to the covering, making it a sheet of darkness that wondering eyes cannot see through.

4. Two-in-One
Cellular blinds unlike most blinds are extremely compactable and can be connected together. As in, you can have two different style of cellular blinds connected together, to form a single window covering. This has many advantages; namely being you are able to have varied designs depending on what two types of needs you have, such as a blind that allows more light during the day and a second blind that blocks the sun for night and the following morning. This can also be used for seasonal purposes; a triple-celled, darker blind for winter that will provide more heat and privacy and a lighter, single-celled option for summer for more fluidity and light.

5. Style Optionality
The cellular or honeycomb design is one of the most interesting and stylish designs of any window covering and for many it’s the undisputed champion. Its unique hexagonal centre gives it much more dynamism, with a wavy patterning that provides depth only venetian blinds provide. Furthermore it is one of the most customisable blinds. Any colour, texture, pattern, personalised picture or even text can be easily applied. And with its unique ability to come with two blinds in one, this customisability is doubled.

Cellular designs are the best window covering on the modern market, with their versatility and unique properties it’s hard to find a reason to pass them up when installing your next blind.


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